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Your home should be the place where you can come home to relax every evening and also be able to enjoy the space during the day. It should provide you with happiness by providing the ambience you are looking for in a home. Both the exterior and the interior of your home should resonate with your soul through beautiful designs and art that also take functionality into account.

At Coastal Interior Design we have a team of professional, dedicated designers that are compassionate and caring. We will talk with you to understand not only the vision that you want to see in your home but the feeling you want to experience there. We are creative and can transform any environment into something special.

Our experts can also do an assessment of your home to detect any signs of a violent or toxic environment. This may appear in the form of something conceptual or as a physical object. This can be replaced with items and designs in the form of non-exploitative and renewable sources. We use biophilic design as inspiration to create the perfect atmosphere for you.

Our beliefs run deep and every team member has a commitment to moral sensitivity to ensure that every space is integrated with a symbiotic flow according to the laws of nature. The goal is to create a harmonious environment that feels interconnected with nature through the use of physical items that are either derived directly from nature itself or reflect the balance of the natural world.

Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Professional consultations on interior and exterior design
  • Ecosystem integration
  • Vegan kitchen design
  • Organic and natural household designs that are truly inspiring
  • Commitment to using only eco-friendly materials and design concepts

Get inspired by nature by creating a space that provides pleasure and peace. We work with every client individually and listen to your wants and needs. We never take a cookie-cutter approach to any of the projects we undertake since we know that all clients possess their own energy and this is something that must be recognized. We want your energy to become a part of the process so that everything fits together in a harmonious and natural way.

Create the look you love in your home by transforming what you have now into an amazing sanctuary for you and your family. Change the interior and the exterior of your property to make it a safe and welcoming place that you’ll be proud to call home. At Coastal Interior Design we can work with you to help you realize your vision and make it come true.

It all starts with a quality design as a foundation. Our interior designers are second to none and we’re sure you’ll appreciate all the time and effort we dedicate to your project. We have worked with many customers in the past and have built up an amazing reputation in the field. Most of our work comes from word-of-mouth advertising, which is a testament to our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

We are passionate about interior design and we bring this passion to the table for every client we work with. We work quickly and efficiently because we understand that many of our clients have a busy lifestyle and want the project to move forward as fast as possible.

We listen to everything you have to say regarding what would make your home the ideal sanctuary for you. We incorporate your ideas into an overall design that you will love and appreciate for many years to come. Contact us now to find out how your residence can become a warm and nurturing home that will make you better appreciate the world we live in and feel more grounded to it. Visit the website at to get the knowledge about La Jolla Interior Design.

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