Veteran Transforms Life After Facing Ten Years in Military Prison

U.S. Air Force and Iraq-war veteran changed his life after facing a ten year sentence in military prison. After being found not guilty, Jay Jackson applied his fourteen-years of military experience to become Orlando’s top life and success coach for veterans and entrepreneurs, a dogged serial entrepreneur, strategic investor, and veteran philanthropist.

ORLANDO, Florida – April 21, 2020 – Jay Jackson is a prosperous serial entrepreneur, respected life and success coach, strategic investor, and admired philanthropist. Preluding his status as a life coach and entrepreneur, Jackson served fourteen years in the U.S. Air Force, and was deployed to Iraq during the height of the Iraq war. Jackson’s service instilled him with discipline, resilience, patience, drive, and strategy acumen, creating an advantageous mind for business. Jackson’s impetus for personal transformation occurred when he found himself facing a ten year sentence in a military prison. Jackson was later found not guilty, and with the rest of his life and countless opportunities ahead of him, he gained the clarity to materialize his vision.

Jackson’s military-grade mindset and drive empowered him to build multiple companies, – The Galaxy Group, Sterling Investment Group, and Serve, Impact & Prosper – as well as a non-profit organization called Operation Serve-a-Vet, from scratch. The Galaxy Group offers mergers and acquisitions of financial services, and Sterling Investment Group provides mergers and acquisitions of luxury multi-family homes. Both companies help businesses to improve their operations and, ultimately, serve their clients at a higher level with Jackson’s applied military strategies.

Through his coaching and consulting company, Serve, Impact & Prosper, Jackson mentors life and success coaches, consultants, and service-based business owners and entrepreneurs on acquiring and employing a “winner’s” mindset, and making positive impacts in our lives, the lives of those around us, and in the space we occupy.

Jackson is also an admired philanthropist, especially among the veteran community. He is the founder of Operation Serve a Vet; a non-profit that guides veterans effectively navigate their transition from the military, as soldiers, to society, as civilians. To provide veterans with the best chance for success and with a community of fellow veterans experiencing the same transition, Jackson organizes learning and leadership workshops, social excursions, and other activities specifically curated to bring veterans together and cultivate success mindsets. Jackson and his supporters are also on track to provide at least 2,000 meals to veterans for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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