Veiliux to Become The First of It’s Kind Audit Firm to Secure Record-Breaking $30 Million IPO Share Subscription Deal with Global Emerging Markets Investment

Veiliux secures record-breaking USD 30 million Post-IPO Share Subscription Facility, a first for a Pakistani cybersecurity company.

DUBAI, UAE – APRIL 4, 2024 – Veiliux Pvt. Ltd., founded by Shahmeer Amir, has procured a USD 30 million Post-IPO Share Subscription Facility from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS, an affiliate of GEM Digital Assets Ltd. This development has drastically altered the cybersecurity landscape of Pakistan. It is an important turning-point for Veiliux, elevating them to a leading position in the cybersecurity sector of Pakistan and solidifying their status as the first-ever Pakistani organization to seize such an esteemed offer.

This unconventional Share Subscription Facility represents a worldwide acknowledgment of Veiliux’s steadfast commitment to excellence and creativity, surpassing the significance of a simple financial transaction. A better future for Pakistan’s cybersecurity sector is on the horizon thanks to Veiliux, which has broken new ground by securing this unique offer.

The Share Subscription Facility provides Veiliux with a high level of adaptability, enabling the company to strategically utilize the funds in order to support expansion efforts and reinforce its dominant market position. The influx of funds will serve as a catalyst, driving Veiliux to enhance its security solutions, expand its range of services, and efficiently cater to the continuously increasing cybersecurity needs of its customers.

The level of care with which Veiliux protects vital infrastructure and provides organizations with resilient cybersecurity solutions has attracted the interest of investment professionals worldwide. The Share Subscription Facility, which is of historic significance, stands as a compelling testament to the tremendous potential that Pakistan’s cybersecurity industry harbors. There is a strong belief that this technological advancement facilitated by Shahmeer Amir will serve as an impetus for fresh waves of innovation and elevate Pakistan’s standing as a global cybersecurity juggernaut.

What has driven Veiliux and Pakistan’s cybersecurity business ahead is exactly what Shahmeer Amir has embodied: a spirit of invention and tenacity. Shahmeer overcame multiple rejections to get degrees in Cybersecurity and Electrical and Electronics Engineering from top universities. His journey began in Multan, Pakistan, driven by curiosity and a desire to achieve greatness. His groundbreaking work as CEO of Younite, Authiun, and now Veiliux has catapulted Pakistan to the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and established the country as a leading player on the international stage. Inspiring and empowering the next generation of cybersecurity enthusiasts, Shahmeer’s passion for technological innovation and advocacy leaves an unforgettable imprint on the sector.

This impeccable win highlights Veiliux’s constant adherence to its fundamental principles of integrity, proactivity, and trustworthiness. Through the strategic utilization of the Share Subscription Facility, Veiliux is positioned to achieve a historic milestone by enhancing the cybersecurity measures of Pakistan and enabling organizations to confidently navigate the perilous digital threat landscape. The success story of Veiliux functions as an inspiring example for aspiring Pakistani companies, showcasing how exceptional performance and groundbreaking ideas can surpass national boundaries and fundamentally alter the course of an entire sector.

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Veiliux, an industry-leading cybersecurity firm established by entrepreneur Shahmeer Amir, is committed to guarding organizations against the escalating threats posed in cyberspace. Trust, proactiveness, and impartiality are the cornerstones of Veiliux’s cybersecurity services, which are customized to meet the unique demands of each client. When it comes to aligning security needs with business objectives, Veiliux offers comprehensive solutions, including vulnerability tests and penetration examinations. By utilizing cutting-edge tools and encryption methods, their skilled team guarantees a strong security posture, protecting critical data and ensuring operational resilience.

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