Paulette C. Jackson’s New Book Honors Late Soul Jazz and R&B Icons

“Heaven’s Choir – Part 1” by Paulette C. Jackson celebrates the lives and music of departed Soul, Jazz and R&B artists.

Paulette C. Jackson, a popular author with a deep-seated love for music, introduces her latest book, “Heaven’s Choir – Part 1”. This book serves as a heartfelt homage to the influential Soul, Jazz and R&B musicians who have left an indelible mark on music history.

With a career spanning various roles within the music and entertainment sector, including the founder and CEO of SCORP Lady Ventures and the host of several internet radio shows like “The Classic Soul Music Café”, “The Jazz Zone”, and “Center Stage”, Jackson brings a personal touch to her narrative. “Heaven’s Choir – Part 1” is a reflection of her journey through music, offering readers an intimate look at her experiences and feelings towards artists whose music has transcended time.

Through her writing, Jackson aims to connect with readers by sharing stories and memories of artists who, despite their absence, continue to influence and inspire through their music. The book is an invitation to reminisce and celebrate the legacy of these artists, ensuring their contributions to Soul, Jazz and R&B are remembered and appreciated.

Jackson’s experience in the industry, including her work as a music director, radio host, and voiceover artist, enriches the book’s narrative, providing a well-rounded view of music’s impact. Her previous works, such as “The Music In Me”, “The Music Through the Storm”, and “My Test (Imony)”, have already showcased her ability to engage readers with her passion for music. “Heaven’s Choir – Part 1” continues this tradition, focusing on the personal connections we share with music.

Aside from her writing, Jackson’s contributions to the music world are noteworthy. As an ASCAP member, songwriter, and music publisher, she has been involved in various projects, from promoting artists to creating video series, highlighting her diverse talents and commitment to promoting the arts. Her background, rooted in her education at the Cleveland School of the Arts and further developed through voiceover classes, has been instrumental in her career.

“Heaven’s Choir – Part 1” is not just a book; it is an opportunity for readers to reflect on the music of Soul, Jazz and R&B artists who have passed away, reminding us of the power of music to connect and comfort. Jackson hopes the book will evoke memories of these artists’ music and its impact on our lives.

Available now, “Heaven’s Choir – Part 1” is for anyone who values the history and soul of music. Paulette C. Jackson invites readers to engage with the stories of musical legends, preserving their legacy through the shared experience of their art. “Heaven’s Choir – Part 1” is now available for sale on Amazon and AllAuthor

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