Vaughan Indoor Playground for Rainy or Sunny Days

Providing a safe playground experience indoors

Moms and dads will do anything for their kids. This includes watching the same video on repeat, giving up the last strawberry, and sitting at the park squinting against the sun to make sure that they are safe. Meanwhile, the worries about too much screen time, not enough nutrition, and worrying about milestones takes away some of “the moment” parents are supposed to be living in. Parents who worry less and are more relaxed are better for their kids than those who constantly sweat the small stuff.

Lumina Land has heard the call and have answered it. Kids need exercise and mommy needs a break. Letting kids run around on an outdoor playground can be dangerous in many ways but now the playground is inside. Kids have the opportunity to run, jump, and climb while safely indoors. Parents have the opportunity to scroll Facebook using wifi and sitting in a massage chair. Two things that are good happening simultaneously! This is truly a magical thing.

With toys and activities to encourage learning, children have a fun learning environment in which they get to socialize and use teamwork. It also wears them out for nap or bedtime and you can structure their day as you see fit. You can safely look away while your child experiences all of the joy of free play without the all of the danger. Tunnels, slides, and climbing toys are atop padded surfaces just in case coordination skills are still waiting to show themselves.

Lumina Land is the perfect place for every day, but you can book it for your child’s birthday. There is a dining area perfect for cake and all of the usual fun. There are catering and entertainment packages. When you book your party it includes invitations, loot bags, and event photography. All of the planning that would typically take you away from enjoying the last little bit of your baby growing before your eyes will be done for you.

If you have ever tried to plan an adult event with all of your friends who also have kids, you have probably hit the wall on where to have it. If you run into that problem in the future, this may be the solution for you. While you have your party, your kids can have theirs. You can book the banquet hall and a playroom if you want to keep things separate and this is ideal for corporate functions. While kids still have to be monitored in the play area, there is still a separate space for each.

About Lumina Land

Lumina Land was born out of the need to give the owner’s son a place to play, grow, and learn. What was born of that desire is an amazing indoor playground. There is something for kids of every age and level of development. Even kids that are typically shy may find it easier to step out of their shell and get in on the action. Being parents themselves they knew that making adults comfortable would go a long way towards getting kids to come so they made that happen. Book a room with us or come on by to see what it is all about today.

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