Red Light Therapy: Led Light Therapy Home Devices

Scientifically Proven; Clinically Tested; Real Results

LED light therapy home devices are a safe form of skin therapy for all ages and skin types.  It can effectively rejuvenate and repair skin in a gentle manner.  Investing a lot of time and energy in skin care; SOI Skin Care products have been able to validate the effectiveness of Senna products. 

 A clinical trial done at Princeton over the period of eight weeks proved that within a week of using the product  there was visible improvement on 91% of the participants regarding the presence of lines and wrinkles and a renewed smoothness, enhancement and clarity.  Within seven weeks of the study there were visible improvements in 100% of participants with a 32% improvement in the overall appearance and the signs of aging to the skin.

Another study done by NASA proved that the use of LED technology also was able to heal wounds, burns, and ulcers related to diabetes.

Senna is a state-of-the-art skin rejuvenating system that was designed to help with the anti-aging process safe and effectively from the comfort of one’s home.  LED provides the following skin treatments:

  • Rejuvenating skin
  • Tightening of skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Pigmentation
  • Elimination of wrinkles, folds, and lines

NASA discovered that the use of LED (Light emitting diodes) was great for healing wounds of astronauts in space.  Research was also done and it was discovered that LED red infrared light aided in stimulating the production of collagen, the protein in the skin that aids in minimizing wrinkles, fine lines, redness, blemishes, stretch marks, and treats skin that has been damaged by the sun.

Senna gives aesthetic skin results that are less invasive and costs less than typical plastic surgery.  Results received from Senna skin products will be sure to improve your appearance, enhance natural beauty and improve self esteem.

About Senna Skin Care:

The use of LED Light  therapy home devices will also give the skin more energy, eradicating the signs of aging to the top layer of the skin.  Senna is much less invasive and gentler of a skin treatment that takes aim at any skin impurities without doing harm to the skin around the impurities.

Senna skin therapy also improves blood circulation by delivering healing nutrients and cell growth to skin. Senna skin therapy will reduce the signs of a bad complexion, wrinkles and skin inflammation due to the renewed skin revitalizing effects of Senna Skin care.

Senna Skin Care therapy is excellent for all ages and skin types of people; there is a very rapid recovery period after any skin treatments—with no recovery period following the treatments.  Senna Skin Therapy is rapidly becoming the number one home health skin care treatment procedure.

For more information about the Senna Skin Care treatment system contact Senna at any of the contact phone numbers above or by email and a professional consultant will give you all the information you will need in purchasing and becoming a believer in Senna Forever skin care products. 

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