Upgrade People travel experience… New DF parking air conditioner battery is on the market

Faced with the “installation trend” of parking air conditioners on large commercial vehicles in recent years, well-known domestic truck manufacturers have responded to market demand and launched heavy truck models equipped with parking air conditioners. After the truck is equipped with a parking air conditioner, ordinary batteries cannot meet the vehicle’s high power demand. In order to take into account the power needs of multiple scenarios such as starting the truck, parking air-conditioning, boiling water and meals, and audio-visual entertainment, DF, a global brand owned by Camel, has launched a new special battery for parking air-conditioning.

DF Storage Battery

What good genes should a useful and easy-to-use parking air-conditioning battery have? The first is the large capacity. The large-capacity parking air conditioner battery can ensure the normal starting of the vehicle after the air conditioner is turned on for several hours. DF brand’s new K225 and K245 batteries are specially designed for parking air conditioners. The battery capacity is significantly improved compared to ordinary batteries. After turning on the air conditioner in the parking state for 3-6 hours, the DF parking air conditioner special battery still has strong starting performance.

The second is the charging speed. The working principle of the special battery for parking air conditioner is that when the vehicle is turned off, the battery provides power for the air conditioner. When the vehicle returns to driving, the battery enters charging state and is ready for next use. DF’s special parking battery charges quickly, and the new product’s dynamic charging capability is significantly improved compared to the previous one. After a significant loss of power, if the vehicle continues to drive for 2-3 hours, the battery can recover 50%-90% of its power. Especially after deep discharge, the DF parking air conditioner special battery has better cycle charging capabilities and longer battery life.

In view of the characteristics of long-distance trucks encountering complex road conditions, the safety performance of special batteries for parking air conditioners will be much higher than that of ordinary batteries. Take DF’s K245 special battery for parking air conditioners as an example. Its earthquake resistance level has reached the European standard V4, which is the highest level of earthquake resistance. It can be applied to even a few large trucks with rear-mounted batteries on the market.

DF Lead-acid Battery is a global high-end battery brand and a favorite battery brand in international markets such as Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa. Domestically, the DF brand has launched an official flagship store operation model and has opened more than 40 official brand flagship stores in provincial capitals and key cities across the country. This time it has launched a new special battery for parking air conditioners, allowing commercial vehicle consumers to enjoy export quality at their doorsteps , providing commercial vehicle users with a higher level of purchasing experience in terms of product performance and service.

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