28th Amendment Pac Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Promote Honesty In Politics

Feb 05, 2024 – In a bold move to combat dishonesty in politics, 28th Amendment PAC has proposed a constitutional amendment that criminalizes lying by politicians seeking federal office or conducting federal business. The amendment seeks to simplify the election process, enhance the functionality of the federal government, and fundamentally transform the nation’s political landscape.

William McGill, the contact person for the organization, explained, “The need for this amendment is clear. We’ve seen the damage caused by politicians who won their positions by misleading the public. Our aim is to build a political system where honesty is not just expected but enforced.”

The proposed 28th Amendment includes penalties such as dismissal from office and imprisonment for politicians who fail to uphold truthfulness. It reads as follows:

“Obligation to Speak Truth: Any person seeking or holding any federal office/position must speak only truth in the carrying out the duties of the office or in the seeking thereof. Willful failure to speak truth in the pursuit of a federal office/position, including intentional misrepresentation of fact shall incur dismissal from office precluded from seeking office and serve no less than five years imprisonment.”

In order to enact this revolutionary change, 28th Amendment PAC is seeking public support. The organization is calling for donations to help lobby for this amendment and is urging supporters to spread the word among their networks.

“Change is difficult, but it is necessary. We’re asking for your help to make our country better,” McGill said. “Help us hold our leaders to a higher standard.”

For more information about the proposed amendment and how you can contribute to the cause, please visit https://lucrestuff450.wixsite.com/mysite, or contact William McGill at lucrestuff@gmail.com or 609-284-8606.


28th Amendment PAC is a political action committee dedicated to promoting honesty and integrity in politics through the proposed 28th Amendment. The organization envisions a political environment where truthfulness is not just valued but legally required, leading to a more transparent, efficient, and accountable federal government.

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