Unlocking Health: The Definitive Guide to Beating Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Naturally

Unlocking Health: The Definitive Guide to Beating Salt-Sensitive Hypertension Naturally

BRAUNWALD, Switzerland – Are You Looking for a Natural Treatment to Hypertension So You Can Avoid Cardiovascular diseases? If so, this book is for you. Understanding is Power!

Did you know that Hypertension is dietetically curable? Yes! Excessive salt consumption damages the inner layer of the blood vessels, causing them to harden. This is how the so-called “salt-sensitive hypertension” develops and with the Bircher-Benner Manual No. 19, this accessible guidebook explains the causes of salt-sensitive hypertension which includes dietary recommendations, coupled with reduction of sodium intake that decreases Blood Pressure that has been effective and shows potential for clinical application.

“Enjoy Food without Table Salt: Manual for Curing Salt-Sensitive Hypertension,” is patient-oriented, it discusses what works and what matters for every patient. A wide range of strategies featured in this book are considered to reduce adverse health consequences. A large number of blood pressure-friendly recipes from the world-famous Bircher-Benner Clinic for a diet that is free of salt and cures hypertension by consistently tackling the causes of the disease.

Inside this essential blood pressure cookbook you’ll find:

a. This Hypertension – centric cookbook is perfect for people who are starting the path to better living.

b. Get-the-facts – Clear and easy-to-comprehend treatments, causes, and modern therapy approach             

Bircher and Benner have introduced a book that presents great experience, great value that will help guide readers to improved health.

The book offers a positive and practical approach on how to take charge of your blood pressure by making simple and significant delicious changes in your health.

For more information about Bircher and his other works, visit his website at www.bircher-benner.com

“Bircher-Benner 9 Enjoy Food without Table Salt: Manual for Curing Salt-Sensitive Hypertension” by Dr. Andres Bircher

Paperback | $33.20 | 978-3906089331

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers

About the Author

Dr. med. Andres Bircher is the grandson of the world-famous physician and diet-reformer Maximilian Bircher-Benner, who created, by the way, the recipe called “Birchermüesli” that is prepared all over the world. After studies in Zürich and Geneva, he worked as a resident in several University Hospitals with high responsibility and as a chef-doctor in several clinics for internal medicine.  Scientific studies on nutritional science, nutritional energy, and regulative medicine. Chef doctor of the Bircher-Benner Clinic.

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