Blind Filmmaker Produces a Feature film Documentary that will screen on opening night at the PTAFF “Ignite Change” Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Rapper, entrepreneur, and now filmmaker, known by the name of Super Vision, is set to debut his feature film documentary titled, “Super Vision: Passion of a Hustler,” in the Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival, at ArtShare LA, November 3rd, 2023.

The documentary, directed by Damon Jamal, stars Damin Bordenave aka Super Vision as the subject of the documentary. The documentary explores Super Vision’s childhood pilgrimage from LA to LA (Louisiana to Los Angeles).  The movie recounts how Super Vision tragically lost his eyesight in a fight with other boys in his neighborhood.  As well as how his family adjusted to the dramatic change so that Vision would still be groomed to lead a life of independence.

The documentary explores Super Vision’s career ambitions, setting out and accomplishing things many people have merely tried and failed.  Super Vision has led a life of an entrepreneur and the documentary shares his ascent in three entirely different fields; as a rapper, an advertising agency owner, and a business pioneer launching his own line of soda and candy.

Like all of us, Vision has weathered many ups and downs in life, but some highlights include being featured on ABC with Barbara Walters, performing at the Democratic National Convention with Stevie Wonder, signing for $1 million with Capital Records, fathering three children, and now releasing his first feature film.

Vision understands the irony of him, a member of the Blind community, producing a movie.  To which, he responds, “Don’t judge me, judge my success.”  Fittingly, the title of the film completely encapsulates not only the movie, but also the man behind the movie and simultaneously the subject matter.  Appropriately, he could really only be driven by the “Passion of a Hustler.”

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