United Valet Service has a record that proves trustability

United Valet Service has a record that proves trustability

United Valet Service is the parking management company of choice
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Carrollton, Texas – The image of pulling up in front of a hotel in a sleek car and tossing the keys up into the air – only for the valet to expertly catch it – is certainly potent. Thanks to Hollywood, valet services seem to be almost universally associated with a luxurious, upper-class lifestyle. However, many people may find themselves stuck on another, less savory idea brought to us on the big screen – dishonest, thieving valets who take their clients’ cars for joy rides.

“It actually is, somewhat surprisingly, quite harmful. You’d be shocked how many people buy into this, and they’re very vocal about it,” explains a United Valet Service representative when asked how this Hollywood stereotype affects their company, “Some of our team members have endured rather harsh verbal abuse. They’re simply doing their job and providing a service, but a lot of people immediately assume the worst.”

United Valet Service is a well-known parking management company in the region, and they have a rather impressive track record of quality service and happy customers. The company fully vets its employees and trains them thoroughly in relevant protocol and safety procedures. This makes it all the more disconcerting when one of their crew members reports a situation where they’ve been treated like a criminal.

“Of course, we understand the suspicion. People just want to know that they and their belongings are safe and sound. That’s actually a good part of our job – to make sure everything is as it should be. If you search ‘valet near me,’ sure – some of the companies that come up might be a bit shady. But our record speaks for itself. I guess we at United Valet Service want to say – you can trust us!”

United Valet Service wants its potential customers to know that they don’t need to be concerned about Hollywood stereotypes. The company serves in a number of ways at many locations, some of which might be surprising. From events to hotels to hospitals – United Valet Service crew members can be observed conducting themselves respectably and professionally.

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