UleadUlearn is Changing The Landscape of Corporate America With Its Amazing Trainings

Based in DFW Metroplex, the company is led by Dr. Dean Aslinia who is well recognized in the field of professional trainings, coaching & mental health

Dallas, TX, USA – June 5, 2017 – UleadUlearn has announced that it will be offering professional trainings to organizations and corporations across the United States. Founded by a Renowned Mental Health Expert, Professor Dean Aslinia, the Professional Training Company is based in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas and focuses on professional development, education and leadership training for the corporate and healthcare sector. Moreover, one of the core objectives of the company is to make a difference through its trainings and it is well known for its unique approach.

“We are offering customized client centered trainings programs and workshops to help our clients grow and develop their businesses to the new heights.” said Dr. Dean Aslinia, the Founder of UleadUlearn in an interview while talking about the services offered by the American Training Company. “Our sessions are productive and engaging with our unique programs encouraging our clients to select the learning style, topics, and sequence of presentation, tailoring the tone of the sessions to the client’s needs and desires.” he added.
Dr. Aslinia is a Licensed Mental Health Expert and a University Professor with more than 10 years of experience in graduate teaching and research.

UleadUlearn has been founded on certain core principles. The most fundamental belief of the company is in the power of social interest as an embedded aspect of professional growth and development. The company’s philosophy, existence and engagement process has helped several local and international organizations and their employees grow to the new heights. Moreover, the UleadUlearn model not only empowers the participants of these trainings and its clients to meet their educational needs, but it also inspires, educates, and supports children’s needs around the world.

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There are several topics and areas of interest where the company focuses primarily. These topics range from leadership and management matters in the corporate world to the issues related to emotional health and fitness. Moreover, the company also covers topics such as learning and development support, social media technology and its impact on relationships, mental health private practice management, anger management and much more. In addition, variety of topics such as anxiety, depression, drug addiction, bullying, marital behavior, self-esteem and “sexual addiction” are also addressed by Dr. Aslinia and his team of experts at UleadUlearn Professional Trainings.

Dr. Dean Aslinia is considered as an established authority on the status of Mental Health in the United States of America. In addition, he is also an expert Executive Coach and what makes him different than others in this industry is his ambidextrous approach to address several polar issues together in his tailored training. The company is available for bookings and organizations can schedule a consultation session by contacting the team of UleadUlearn through its website.

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