The Ultimate Email Assistant Has Received Great New Features

Globi Web Solutions is introducing a new feature for EmailPet to quickly learn senders lists based on existing mail folders

Calgary, AB, Canada – June 5, 2017 – Globi Web Solutions has announced that they have recently launched an amazing new feature to their Intelligent Inbox Assistant called EmailPet. The new feature quickly learns sender lists based on existing email folders and it will make many lives easier. EmailPet is the ultimate Intelligent Inbox Assistant and the Canadian tech company has introduced several features in it.

Globi Web Solutions is based in Calgary, Alberta and under the leadership of seasoned IT Entrepreneur Andreas Huttenrauch, the company has several amazing and innovative solution to ease the lives of its valued clients. EmailPet is an Inbox workflow automation tool, cloud mail filter service, and email productivity app. It allows for creation of complex rules on any folder to automate repetitive tasks, keep folders clean, save time, and reduce email distractions.

“This new feature definitely improves the overall usability of EmailPet and with each new feature we become an even stronger player in the email productivity marketplace,” said Andreas Huttenrauch, the Managing Director of Globi Web Solutions. “The all new EmailPet does a lot for its users and one of its great features is that it quickly learns about the sender lists based on existing email folders,” he added. With nearly two decades in business, the company has also created several other products including GlobiFlow for Podio and GlobiMail for Podio.

EmailPet is a great tool for Email workflow automation and it is a perfect sanebox alternative. Moreover, EmailPet can be used as a productivity hack to automate filing and actioning on incoming email quick and easy. Several other features include Flexible Filters, Powerful Actions, Learned Lists and Triggered Folders with all these features having unique benefits for the users.

Besides coming in handy for day to day tasks, the software automatically goes through all emails in a folder, and adds the sender address, or address and subject combination, to a list, thereby populating that list with historical senders. Lists are a powerful way to allow inbox rules to trigger on multiple email addresses and/or subjects, without having to duplicate those rules for each address. Moreover, it adds to the usability and practicality because before this enhancement, users either had to manually populate lists, or could only teach EmailPet about new senders going forward. Now users can retroactively teach EmailPet by emails previously filed.

EmailPet got these all new features in May of 2017 after the company received multiple requests from users for such a feature. Moreover, since SaneBox already offers similar solutions so Mr. Huttenrauch felt a dire need for such a tool. The feedback received from users worldwide has been phenomenal.

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