Trevor courageously discusses real challenges in the worship house with great care, humility, and depth

Trevor courageously discusses real challenges in the worship house with great care, humility, and depth
Kharis Publishing today announces the release of “Brick by Brick:Reconstructing the Deconstructed”(ISBN: 978-1637461631) by Trevor Whitman, church in the 21st century has been exposed to be faulty at best.

CHICAGO, Ill. – The Church in the United States is broken. This does not mean that we should all stop meeting together. Both things can be true. In a society where many find themselves “deconstructing,” people need an environment where they can contemplate how the current church operates and determine if there are healthy adjustments to be made. The current outlook on deconstruction from evangelical circles is that it is all evil. Though there are versions of deconstruction that lead people to lose their faith entirely, there are also versions of deconstruction where people who have been hurt or abused in the church never lose their faith in God, just their faith in the Church. This book provides an opportunity to explore reconstruction.

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According to Grant Twyman Director of Equity, K-12 public school district COO, Next Consulting Firm Captain, United States Army Reserve, “Brick by Brick is a book that is written at a critical moment in church history in the United States. Trevor courageously discusses real challenges in the Church with great care, humility, and depth. In an era of extremes, confusion, and hopelessness, Brick by Brick offers a path forward, a path to be built! This book is more than must-read; it is an essential read.

“Brick by Brick” is published by Kharis Publishing and is now available wherever books are sold, including Amazon: Retailers and other agencies may order copies from Ingram Content Group or through the publisher (ISBN: 978-1637461631):

Trevor has spent his life teaching, instructing, leading and writing with a deep passion for theology, doctrine, and church health. After graduating from Multnomah University, Trevor explored multiple career paths starting by teaching middle school Bible, becoming a Children’s Pastor, leading youth groups and eventually a Young Adult’s Pastor. Trevor experienced multiple scandals from head pastors he worked under, leading him to struggle through deconstruction of the Church himself.

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