Travel Blogger and Influencer Mary Andaya is Helping People Book Flights and Find Information about Travel Hotspots around the World

Mary Andaya is bringing people closer to the places they love through her Instagram account by offering first-hand information and guides about these areas along with airline bookings

The travel industry is buzzing again as the post COVID-19 era has set a lot of the usual in motion. People are visiting the places they love, attending business meetings, traveling to see other people, and so on while obeying COVID-19 rules and travel regulations. While the participation in the industry is growing, many of the participants are still in the dark when it comes to places to visit and things to do at certain places. There are a lot of travel blogs, websites, and influencers who are helping people navigate but there is a need for more.

Mary Andaya is a travel blogger and influencer who practices her trade on Instagram. The model turned influencer is motivated by a desire to help people find their way when it comes to travel and tour is consistently cooking up posts for her Instagram following, visiting top places around the world while recording videos and taking photos. When Mary goes to a new country, she visits a place in the country and shares exciting updates about the place. Thousands of people have found her updates helpful in navigating new places and making the most out of their travel and tours.

“I am passionate about seeing amazing places, meeting new people, connecting with nature, trying out local dishes, and anything that can be done on travels,” explained Mary Andaya. “As I visit cities around the world and connect with locals, I want to share the things I find so that people know where to go and what to do when they go on that vacation, honeymoon, or travel for the holiday season.”

Although from the Philippines, Mary Andaya has spent most of her life in the United States. She moved from the Philippines to the United States when she was 12 and today she has visited hundreds of countries and cities around the world. In a short while, she amassed a large following on Instagram where she shares videos and pictures of places she has visited. Mary currently works as a flight attendant at United Airlines. Her passions include trying new things, visiting new locations, and advising others on the finest travel options.

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