Ajelix Introduces its Groundbreaking AI-powered Excel Assistant for Enhanced Productivity

Providers of business automation solutions, Ajelix, announces the introduction of an AI Excel Assistant designed to enable users to generate and explain formulas, translate spreadsheets and generate scripts

The team of tech enthusiasts at Ajelix has introduced a revolutionary AI Excel Assistant designed to enable different categories of users, irrespective of their level of proficiency, to create magic and explore the several functionalities of a spreadsheet. The SaaS product, which is available for free trial, comes with features and functionalities for users to work smarter on Excel and Google Sheets.

During last few years, we’ve assisted customers around the globe to work more efficiently on Excel and Google Sheets. Demand for the service was so high that we realized that every Excel user needs their own assistant who’s always available and can help improve their productivity. That’s how the idea of Ajelix AI Excel Assistant was born.” – Ajelix.

Spreadsheets have remained important to the operations of businesses, irrespective of size or nature, with the emergence of Google Sheets and other similar solutions further substantiating this claim. However, the seeming complexities involved in using Excel and other types of spreadsheets often make it difficult for professionals to effectively explore the features and potentials to the fullest. Consequently, the Ajelix team is seeking to change this narrative with the creation of the increasingly popular Excel assistant.

The subscription-based product has a user-friendly dashboard and is designed as an Excel Formula Bot to enable spreadsheet users to leverage artificial intelligence to generate formulas and translate Excel data in just a few clicks. Features of the Ajelix assistant are Excel Formula Generator, Excel Formula Explanator, Excel VBA Script Explanator, Google Apps Script Generator, Formula and Script Library, Google Sheets Formula Generator, and a host of others.

Ajelix AI Excel Assistant stands out as the only product with an Excel file translation functionality that allows users to translate Excel files in the dashboard or download excel add-in and translate sheets and specific cells in over 28 international languages. It is also the first-of-its-kind tool with an Excel add-in that users can download and work with AI directly in Excel, enabling them to ask questions, generate formulas, explain formulas, translate data right into the spreadsheet.

The Excel bot is super easy-to-use, enabling spreadsheet users to simply input any text and the AI bot will generate the formula in a few seconds.

To learn more about the Excel assistant and other solutions from Ajelix, visit – https://ajelix.com/. Ajelix can also be found across social media, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Ajelix is a business automation solutions provider that aims to make AI more accessible to all categories of clients. The company offers a wide range of services, including Excel Automation & Consulting, Web Development Google Sheets Automation & Consulting, Business Process Analytics & Optimization, Dynamic Report Development, and Business Data Analytics & Forecasting, with clients across the United States and other parts of the world.

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