Transform Any House Into a Home With The Everyday Luxury Collection From Vibhsa and Chicos Home

Transform Your House Into a Home With The Everyday Luxury Collection From Vibhsa and Chicos Home

It was the holidays of 2017, when Bhawna Sharma, founder of luxury home décor brands ‘Vibhsa’ and ‘Chicos home’, started her journey to create a fusion of simplicity & luxury with her bespoke designs. Since then, the journey has been unstoppable.

Founder and CEO Bhawna Sharma is an artist at heart who had a vision to create unique home decor products and provide a different experience for each of her customers. Inspired by her heritage from India, she has established a second home and studio in India to draw her creative inspirations today. Currently around 20 artisans work alongside her to create unique metal & textile products.

The ‘Vibhsa’ and ‘Chicos Home’ Brands are an exquisite collection of inspirational, lavishness, and comfort furnishings designed to bring life and personality to each room in your home. The company prides itself in creating exclusive designs, inspired by natural elements, fusing traditional and contemporary work to craft stunning pieces. The online store features 5 categories including home decor, home furnishing, dining decor, bar accessories and gift ideas for special occasions such as weddings. You can find all their available products on their website here

The Company was first founded in the holiday months of 2017 by Bhawna Sharma. Her dream was to make products which can be used to decorate our homes in a classy way and bespoke from all the other home furniture e-commerce retailers. For the customer who wants to define their own home character and design, they can utilize one of many home furnishing ideas from Vibhsa to provide them the look and feel they aspire to.

Getting into the direct-to-consumer e-commerce space for the home decor customer segment was nothing short of a challenging journey for Vibhsa. Initially, they had to undergo strenuous efforts of market research to fully understand their market such as customer avatar, pricing, competition as well as distribution and supply chain. However, that did not stop founder and CEO Bhawna Sharma from pursuing her vision and passion for a premiere luxury home decor brand. With her persistence and knowledge seeking attitude, she was able to put all the components together to launch and expand her brands’ presence. 

The Vibhsa brand is a true customer centric orientated company in that it believes firmly in delivering high value to its end customer with highest quality products with on time shipments. Vibhsa’s designers put an extreme amount of effort and attention to detail to create a difference in the market with their unique and beautiful designs. In addition, they have a commendable customer support system to facilitate any customers needing extra assistance. The website is very modern and extremely user friendly which helps to make it an enjoyable shopping experience for every website visitor. The reputation of Vibhsa is state of the art and many customers rave about the impeccable service they receive when making a purchase through Vibhsa.

Bhawna Sharma, CEO of Vibhsa states “Communication is of the essence in eCommerce. You want to keep your customers in the know about everything from the origin of your product right down to the day when their purchase will arrive.”

Commenting on building the basic infrastructure for her brands Bhawna states “I took all of the strategies from retailers and used it for our infrastructure, but I took a different path. My approach to building a business has been slow, thoughtful, and purposeful. Design development has been one of our easier areas, because it’s happened so naturally. Our Throw pillows led to throw blankets, which led to the bath rugs, which led to something else, which led to something else.”

“And that’s really been the story of the company. Parts of our business are really fast: our customer service, our shipping. But you need the time to build the infrastructure, so when the orders do come in, you’re able to sustain them. We emphasize organic evolution and not being in a rush.”

Vibhsa is the latest entrant in the fast-growing home décor and furnishings market. It emphasizes on retaining authentic art and design sensibilities of various international regions The company has very early on achieved a significant customer following and is rapidly expanding its operations. “From 2017 to 2021 our company is growing every year by more than 100%. As we initially started with a single platform. We are now working with 15 retailers of various sizes and have positioned our brands to the upper-class higher end customer segment,” states Bhawna Sharma.

Vibhsa currently operates as an exclusive direct to consumer dropship model, while Chicos Home products are available through various channels. Digital first approach of Vibhsa allows them to expand operations globally to countries such as Canada, Australia, Europe, and India. The vision of the company remains strong and on solid foundation where it aims to be public in the next 10 years and increase market share in the retail ecommerce space. Vibhsa also has a great focus to build its brand presence through small businesses across North America and Europe.

In a very dynamic and highly competitive market, the Vibhsa and Chicos Home brands are well positioned to be the solid contender for premium luxury home decor space and provide exceptional service and value to its customers. To learn more about the Vibhsa and Chicos Home brands, you can check their collection online here.

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