Total Disregard For Intellectual Rights: Chinese Company, Xin An Kang, Duplicates iGozen’s Organic Washer

Here come another total disregard and open lack of respect for intellectual rights from Xin An Kang, a Chinese company incorporated in Beijing.

Xin An Kang is a year old, Beijing company. The company recently produced a fruit and vegetable washer, imitating the design and marketing of iGozen, an American company with U.S. patented technology to naturally neutralize bacteria and toxin.

In a show of what can only be described as pure theft, the Chinese company even cut out images from iGozen videos for their Wechat mobile app store. 

Consumers need to be aware, so they will not be tricked into buying fake and imitated products like that of Xin An Kang’s. This Chinese company must have sighted a huge commercial potential in iGozen’s fruit and vegetable washer.

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