Hyperforecasting accurately forecasted the rise of Donald Trump and the unravelling of the Tech Markets in early 2016

May 4, 2016 – Calgary, Alberta, Canada – A unique consulting firm in Calgary, Canada has released a groundbreaking problem solving toolkit around the ability of human mind and brain to solve significantly challenging problems in any domain as well as to accurately forecast the future.

Experts have in Futures Research have discounted Genius Forecasting or Intuitive Forecasting for years. The skepticism is due to a lack of understanding into the black box called “biological intuitive spectrum.” The founder of the firm Perchingtree Solutions Inc. has spent more than a decade understanding and modelling human intuition for practical utilization by corporate leaders as well as innovators and claims to have made significant progress in creating powerful working models to improve the functioning of biological intuition. Deep insights into workings of human intuition, predictive brain and subsequent emergence of insights have also enabled a new framework for “Hyperforecasting” which utilizes a more holistic approach for forecasting and predictions. Genius Forecasting is not a transferrable skill and expert forecasting is not considered a repeatable skill. One relies on intuition and second relies on the conscious research of trends, theory, and regressive models. Magic happens when both the skills (intuitive and conscious) are combined.

According to company’s spokesperson Rohit Sharma, “Hyperforecasting is a process that combines the power of genius forecasting and futures research to improve the accuracy and timelines of intuitive forecasts which can be developed into “Insight based Strategies” for any domain.”

The firm claims to have come up with a robust model that significantly improves the quality and timing of forecasts. The forecasts are then used to assist clients in developing “Insight based Strategy” in a simulation environment. The key distinction between conventional forecasting and Hyperforecasting is that the unique method aims to increase participation of the intuitive spectrum (expertise, creation, and foresight) to arrive at better quality judgements and assertions. Once the clients are in a Simulated Reality (SR), unconscious decision-making ability is then improved to capitalize on the insights captured during Hyperforecasting.

Going a step further, another consulting framework named “Mental Model Innovation” utilizes research into the individual and collective working of the human mind(s) using interaction modeling to create a simulated environment in which mental models are reframed and innovated, interaction strategies are designed and tempered. The firm has a theory that prolific entrepreneurs like “Steve Jobs” unconsciously utilized this methodology to create breakthrough products and services.

“Hyperforecasting” was used to forecast accurately in February the rise of Donald Trump in the US Elections, the onset of the recession in Alberta in early 2014, an impending unravelling of the Tech Markets starting in Q3 2015 and drop in revenues of Twitter after a change of CEO.

The firm claims that the new processes are so effective that it offers an Outcome as Service Model (OaaS) in the consulting field to select clients, where milestone payments for services are only made subject to achievement of outcomes. The firm claims that OaaS model is a disruptive catalyst for consulting industry which relies on processes, individual judgement, and pedigree to achieve outcomes. The firm’s clients include lawyers, CEO’s, Innovators, Venture Founders and even those aiming to kick start their careers after a setback in career/business. 

For more information, simply visit: www.perchingtree.com

About Perchingtree Solutions Inc.

Perchingtree Solutions Inc. is a unique consulting group that utilizes research into Artificial Intuition and Neuroscience to build powerful problem solving toolkits around Biological Intuition and the operation of human mind. The company is headquarted in Canada and is shortly opening offices in Singapore, Dubai and India. 

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