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There is nothing quite likes having a corner office with a view. A view that is clouded by dust and water spots can really put a damper on the sense of accomplishment that comes with getting that prestigious spot. Having a client come into your office that is otherwise organized and presentable and not being able to see out of the window can be embarrassing.

Aurum, offers a commercial window cleaning service that can reach any floor with its high rise equipment and professionals. The environment is safe with environmentally friendly cleaning products and shiny windows will maximize your curb appeal. Plus it keeps your client’s mind on your presentation and not on the grit on the windowpane.

If you are a property owner and have noticed an increase in your electric or gas bill, it could be a simple matter of needing to redo the caulk on your windows ( With properly sealed cracks in the caulk on your windows, you are keeping allergens out and clean air in. The fact that you are circulating the air in your building and your HVAC unit is not working too hard can be a big money saver. In the short term, it can lower your energy costs. Long-term it can save the HVAC unit.

When doing spring cleaning around the house, the last thing you think about is windows. By the time you do you may be fall-down tired and no longer care. Having a professional window cleaning crew ( come to your home saves you the hassle and ensures that it is done regularly enough. Dirt left on your windows can cause damage over time. Heat can cook it on and create a lasting dingy effect.

Aurum is a full-service window cleaning company. That means they clean the whole window and not just the windowpane. The dividers between windows can be overlooked and stain, the ledges can become homes for spiders or other pests. Cleaning the whole window is important to prevent these things.

For commercial and residential properties, properly maintained gutters can prevent some of the stress bad weather puts on your building when it rains. By allowing them to get blocked, you are preventing water from draining away from your roof. This can lead to flooding and long-term headaches.

Having a well trained janitorial staff can have a positive impact on employee morale and customer satisfaction as there will not be any unsightly or foul-smelling distractions. An office that does not look neat and tidy or smells unpleasant is not one that anyone wants to spend time in. Invest in a team that keeps things clean and eco-friendly.

About Aurum

Aurum offers full-service cleaning for the inside of your building to the outside maintenance that is more difficult to do on your own. With seasonal services like putting up lights and decorations it really is your one-stop shop for all things property maintenance.

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