Online Food Ordering – Taking Great Pride in Sourcing, Preparing & Delivering Healthy Food

OTR Foods is making it easier to get healthy foods, by creating a food delivery service, which is meal delivery in Toronto to your doorstep, free of charge up to two times a week.  With a weekly meal planner from OTR, it has never been easier to create and order healthy meals that are customized by you. 

Sign up for a membership with OTR Foods, ( and you too can start living a healthy lifestyle with laboring over the counting of calories, carbs, protein, sugars and fat grams.  OTR Foods will do all the hard work for you.

As a member of OTR you receive benefits such as:  access to exclusive member-loyalty bonuses; which includes a member referral program,   internal promotions, and contests!  You can also use the member referral program to help your friends and family begin to live a healthier lifestyle, as well. 

You can go online each week and pick the menus that interest you.  Each meal shows the nutritional value, calories, carbs, protein and fats.  One can choose from a list of entrees, breakfasts and snacks,   even a Vegan menu, you can choose your weekly meals online from what is listed.   There is even a price list to choose from.   Such as the “balance plan” which is 6 meals for $150. 

All the meals are prepared fresh, non GMO ingredients, no salt or refined sugar is added.  There are no artificial flavorings, or colors.  You can start planning your healthier eating week today; as well as starting yourself down the path to a healthier lifestyle that begins with the food you eat.  

On the Run Meals has brought meal delivery in Toronto to a whole new level.  There is a team of experts with diverse skills, such as an integrated movement practitioner, and several coaches, trained in the areas of nutrition and holistic health.

OTR Foods is getting “back to basics”  taking out the stuff known to be unhealthy in food, and replacing it with safe, fresher, and healthier ingredients. 

Meal delivery in Toronto is no longer limited to pizza, sandwiches, and local restaurants food choices.  Stop giving in to fast-food cravings, find out how easy it is to start ordering food that is healthy for you and prepared right. 

About On the Run Meals:

On the Run Meals has an expertise in several areas of health and wellness; spreading this knowledge on to the customer with tips, tricks and directions about how to subsist vigorously in your new way of life. OTR is available to provide healthy education training to get one started out right. 

The team here at OTR is diversified and well trained in the fields of nutritional health as well as holistic health. 

OTR staff wants you to embrace and empower the new healthier you, which starts by eating a healthy diet. 

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