Top 4 Reasons Why One Should Choose These PVC Party Tents

Party tents come in all shapes and sizes, you can buy a party tent almost everywhere, and they look similar at the very first sight, which of course makes choosing the right party tent far from easy. Fortunately, Winsom offers high-quality custom PVC party tent to you, helping you save the time and energy to look for the party tent that best suits you.

What is PVC

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is one of the most popular plastics and is similar to truck tarpaulin. PVC is basically a hard, brittle material, but its elasticity can be changed by adding plasticizers and is therefore extremely flexible.

Properties of PVC

Equipped with a tear-resistant inner mesh fabric, PVC can particularly impress with its durability and durability. Due to its high chlorine content, PVC is extremely flame retardant compared to other plastics. PVC is highly resistant to different weather conditions.

Features of our PVC party tent

This party tent is ideal for any outdoor events, such as shows, weddings, parties, and barbecues. You can also install it in your backyard as a large, lovely sunshade to entertain for your family and guests. Its features mainly include: 1) Galvanized steel frame, rust & corrosion resistant; 2) Spring buttons at joints for easy setup; and 3) Hot-sealed and waterproof top cover seams.

Reasons why our PVC party tents are superior to other tents

Do you know what aspects should you pay attention to when looking for a high-quality and reliable party tent? If you want to get yourself a party tent, one of the most important things you should think about is the location and the time of the tent. According to party tent manufacturers, tents made of different materials are suitable for different occasions respectively.

Winsom’s PVC party tents benefit from the hard-wearing and durable material and have gained dominant position due to four major reasons. Even if used regularly, the tent withstands its requirements and is much more weather-resistant than a party tent with a PE tarpaulin.

● Material of the sail

The roof sail and side walls of our party tents are made of a PVC of 500 g/m², while others use a very lightweight PVC, and in the worst case, they just offer a tent with PE fabric. The PE shreds much faster and has a much shorter life than PVC. What’s more important is that PVC is much easier to maintain and keep clean.

● Fire retardant, UV and water resistant

All our PVC party tents are definitely fire retardant, UV resistant and water resistant. However, many other manufacturers fail to take it into consideration as it is more costly to offer.

● Fixation of the side walls

Our side walls are connected with the frame using elastic cords and additionally with a Velcro strip to one another, which can ensure that the tent is free from water and wind. Most party tent manufacturers foresee only the elastic cords, which allows wind and even rain to get into the tent.

● Ground frame

Many party tents do not have a ground frame. Based on rich experience, we realize the significance of adding a ground frame that could enlarge the rigidity of the tent significantly. Therefore, we design our tents with a ground frame.

In short, a party tent made of PVC material is ideal if: 1) It is used all year round; 2) You want to use it as a smoking tent; 3) The tent should be flame retardant or fireproof; 4) You are looking for a tough and durable tent.

Would you like to get more information? Take a look at the custom PVC party tent on our website.


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