To Discuss the Electronic Brake System of Airwheel Smart urban ebikes

Safety is a paramount issue to daily commuting and travels, and is the ever-lasting pursuit of Airwheel electric mobility scooters. In fact, the safety guarantee is reflected in almost every type of Airwheel electric scooters and well integrated in every product detail.

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Here is a review of all safety guarantees provided for Airwheel riders. On the other hand, the speed is quite standard for a high-performance vehicle. To date, Airwheel can attain 18 km/h. Many young men who pursue the high speed are not in the least satisfied with the current. And it is far from impossible to enhance the speed of scooter.

For the purpose of safety, the speed is confined to 18 km/h. Although the speed reaches 18 km/h, the warning system built in Airwheel intelligent power scooter will make buzz and the pedals will rise to remind the rider of the excessive speed. On the account of the considerate protection, the speed is out of place to rise, for the way to brake by standing still calls for a time. The duration is short, but under certain circumstance it is fatal.

Airwheel E6 backpack electric bike

In order to ensure the scooter safety, please do not arbitrarily change the charger. The replacement of other chargers will only reduce the scooter safety and damage the battery. In addition to Airwheel A3, E6 and E3 folding e bikes are equipped with EBS. The electronic braking system is another initiative feature.

To some degree, it lifts some consumers’ concern over intelligent scooter’s safety performance. When users press the braking button, the vehicle will respond to the command in less than 0.5 second. Once the braking system is activated, the vehicle will be stopped within 50cm, which guarantees the rider’s safety. With such good security capability, customers should gain confidence in the electric self-balancing scooter industry.

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In the situation where the rider need a sudden brake so that he has no time to stand still on the vehicle, the electronic brake comes in handy. The electronic brake lowers the odds of accidences. Even if the rider costs along the downhill, he could brake his Airwheel electric scooter in time with the help of the electronic brake system.

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