Research project wants to know the effectiveness of IEMT in the treatment of psoriasis skin lesions

25 clients will undergo a trial procedure to understand how their emotions can be used to heal their skin infection

Association for IEMT Practitioners announces Psoriasis Research Project, which is to test the effectiveness of Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) in the treatment of psoriasis skin lesions. The idea behind the study is that dermal psoriasis responds to stress states, and IEMT is known to alleviate stress states. The test will involve a total of 25 clients, that are 18 years or older, and have a history of dermal psoriasis, persistent for 5 years or older. The trial procedure will involve an introduction, an IEMT process and additional follow-up sessions by advanced practitioners.

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“Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a developing area that explores how we feel the way we do. This research is to solidify further the reports by practitioners that IEMT created change in their clients where other approaches didn’t work. All clients will be self-referring and written consent will be obtained for the preliminary trials. We are optimistic the outcome will add more knowledge to the practice and encourage new discoveries,” said Andrew T. Austin.

To be among the 25 participants, clients must be 18 years or more and must have a history of persistent dermal psoriasis that has lasted for more than 5 years. Clients must also be free of concurrent secondary skin infection, will not have received IEMT treatment, and must not be suffering from psychiatric illness.

Trial procedure

The procedure includes an introduction that will involve verbal and non-verbal rapport with the client, including making them understand how the brain works in relation to psoriasis. It will also require obtaining client history, make a note of known trigger and detailed explanation of IEMT processes.

The IEMT process itself will be the second part of the procedure, where basic patterns with algorithms will be applied on the symptoms.

About Association for IEMT Practitioners

Association for IEMT Practitioners is a body of consultants, practitioners, and specialists who use IEMT procedure to understand how we feel the way we do. This knowledge involves the use of eye movements in conjunction with the IEMT algorithms to address emotional imprints and help find solution to certain ailments.

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