TME Supply Chain Optimization Seminar 2024 concluded successfully, SLKOR CEO participated in the roundtable forum

TME Supply Chain Optimization Seminar 2024 concluded successfully, SLKOR CEO participated in the roundtable forum
SLKOR Semiconductor sponsored and support
The “Supply Chain Optimization under Technological Innovation Seminar 2024 ” was grandly held with sponsorship support from SLKOR. Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Kinghelm Electronics and Slkor Semiconductor, was invited as one of the four distinguished guests for the roundtable forum, and he attended the event with great solemnity.


The “Supply Chain Optimization Under Technological Innovation Seminar 2024” was grandly held


Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of SLKOR, attended the event

From “precisely, rapidly, and effectively responding to the needs of terminal factories and intelligent manufacturing customers” to “leveraging technological innovation to drive the transformation of supply chain management in the electronics manufacturing industry,” and further to “focusing on enhancing the efficiency of supply chain management through digitization and automation,” the “Supply Chain Optimization  Under Technological Innovation Seminar 2024” presented a satisfactory report to the industry. This was a heavyweight event attended by industry experts and a gathering of both domestic and international participants. Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Kinghelm Electronics ( and SLKOR Semicon (, served as one of the four special guests and panelists at the roundtable forum, making a distinguished appearance. Mr. Qiu Huilin, Director of Foreign Trade Department at Kinghelm Electronics (, also participated in the event.


SLKOR Semiconductor sponsored the “Supply Chain Optimization Under Technological Innovation Seminar 2024”

The “Supply Chain Optimization Under Technological Innovation Seminar 2024” is jointly hosted by TME China and CalcuQuote, with sponsorship from Lianxin Group, 1BoM, and SLKOR Semiconductor ( The global livestream began at 2:00 PM on April 18th. This seminar has invited numerous industry experts in the upstream and downstream sectors of electronic components. Its aim is to advance the visibility, predictability, and scalability of intelligent supply chains through focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence, thereby achieving transparency and intelligent management. Additionally, by harnessing collective intelligence and synergy, the seminar seeks to explore how software technology platforms can help enterprises improve response speed, reduce costs, effectively adapt to market changes, maintain balance in component inventory, efficiently handle bulk procurement demands, and consequently enhance operational efficiency and market competitiveness.


Director Qiu Huilin (second from the right) poses for a group photo with special guests and industry experts at the registration desk

Guests from both domestic and international backgrounds, drawing on their practical experiences, offered insightful advice and suggestions. Their contributions encompassed clear theoretical explanations, vivid case analyses, as well as precise assessments and forecasts of current industry dynamics and development trends. These contributions left the audience deeply inspired and encouraged, providing them with a clearer and more intuitive understanding of the industry’s prospects and their own bright futures.

Guests’ Sharing




Roundtable Forum

“Efficient Operations and Lean Costing: A Win-Win Strategy for Business Development”


Mr. Li Mingjun, the host, and the roundtable guests discussed some challenging issues and hot topics in the current stage of industry development. The guests freely expressed their thoughts, sparking a “brainstorming” session that contributed to an intellectual, practical, and innovative atmosphere, fostering a high-quality exchange of ideas. Particularly noteworthy was the lively atmosphere during the audience question session, with attendees actively participating and empathizing, posing several insightful and professional questions. The guests responded with eloquence and generosity, earning frequent and prolonged applause from the audience.


Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Kinghelm(Huaqiangbei Songshiqiang)

Mr. Song Shiqiang, as one of the four distinguished guests at the roundtable forum, is the founder and general manager of two international companies, Kinghelm Electronics ( and SLKOR semiconductor ( He is also a respected figure in the Chinese electronic components industry, a member of the Expert Database of the China Electronics Society, and a research expert in Huaqiangbei. With extensive recognition, reputation, and influence in the semiconductor and BeiDou navigation industries, Mr. Song’s “On the Path with Song Shiqiang” series of articles and research on Huaqiangbei have been frequently republished by authoritative domestic and international media outlets such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Global Times, Associated Press, Yahoo News, The Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review. His related videos have gained popularity on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Bilibili, contributing positively to purifying the business environment in Huaqiangbei, promoting traditional Chinese culture, and fostering socialist economic prosperity. Under his leadership, Kinghelm Electronics ( and SLKOR semiconductor ( have steadfastly pursued international development since their inception, actively expanding into overseas markets. With the support of the “domestic substitution” strategy, they have achieved 100% growth in performance for two consecutive years, thereby making significant contributions to regional economic growth and the high-quality development of the industry.


Mr. Song Shiqiang, one of the distinguished guests at the roundtable (third from the right)

Mr. Song Shiqiang’s brilliant on-site remarks stem from his forward-thinking vision, profound professional knowledge, and rich entrepreneurial experience. His insights into efficient business operations, lean cost management, and innovation enhancement have been thoroughly researched and validated through practice and time, as evidenced by the robust and rapid development of Kinghelm and SLKOR’s “dual-wheel drive” strategy! Particularly when asked by host Mr. Li Mingjun how companies can expand their revenue through innovation to explore new markets or product lines, Mr. Song Shiqiang’s 8-minute response can be described as a conscientious admonition, every word a gem, and deeply thought-provoking:

First, Mr. Song Shiqiang clearly points out that innovation must have a foundation and adhere to its underlying logic, but true innovation is still challenging. He candidly admits, “We used to make Beidou antennas, and the underlying technology of Beidou antennas is RF and microwave transmission technology, and the protective technology during transmission. Later, as the Beidou industry chain became saturated, many of our factory’s high-end equipment and precision instruments became redundant. In order to maximize resource utilization and manpower effectiveness, we made a technological shift based on the existing common technology and developed a series of RF connectors, then seized the opportunity of the era of IoT to achieve hot sales in the market!” “This is what we call innovation, and because our Beidou antennas and RF connectors have the same raw materials, the underlying logic of the technology is the same, and the customer base is also the same, so our innovation has several advantages, but it is still very difficult to do it.”

Second, Mr. Song Shiqiang emphasizes that innovation requires caution, and micro-innovation + internet marketing can work. He says, “Innovation is actually very tough. I myself am a very capable engineer, and we also have a bunch of masters and doctors from Tsinghua and Peking University, but our entrepreneurship and innovation are still very difficult. At first, customers didn’t recognize us, saying that we used to make antennas, and now we’re making connectors. Later, customers gradually accepted it, but our investment has always been large, and the investment has not been recovered, so it’s very hard.” “Now it’s the era of IoT, the underlying logic of internet marketing is to first attract people, as long as there are people on this platform, you can sell things.” “You make some micro-innovations, minor adjustments on the basis of the original, and use internet thinking to do it, then you can do it well.”

Third, Mr. Song Shiqiang offers advice: “Whatever we do, don’t just look at the surface, you must see what’s underneath, including what we call innovation.” “You shouldn’t take too big steps, nor should you be ignorant of the internet, otherwise it’s easy to harm the foundation of your career, efficiency will be low, costs will be high, risks will be high, and operations will easily encounter problems.”


SLKOR Semiconductor sponsored and support


Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Kinghelm and Slkor, is on the far right

Following the successful conclusion of the seminar, the hosts TME (China) and CalcuQuote extended a special invitation to the distinguished guests for a dinner gathering. Mr. Song Shiqiang and Director Qiu Huilin were both present at the dinner, engaging in delightful conversations with other guests.



As the dinner progressed, the exciting raffle sponsored by SLKOR Semiconductor ( was officially launched, with the MoFei dual-purpose pot as the third prize, bringing joy to the lucky winner.


Third prize: MoFei dual-purpose pot sponsored by SLKOR Semiconductor


Kinghelm’s Director of Foreign Trade, Qiu Huilin, who won the lucky draw, took a commemorative photo with Yani, Vice President of CalcuQuote

The successful hosting of this seminar not only provided a platform for communication and learning for participants but also injected new vitality into the optimization and upgrading of the entire electronics manufacturing industry’s supply chain. Kinghelm ( and SLKOR (, as important representatives of this seminar, have always adhered to the principles of open cooperation and innovative development, actively expanding overseas markets, continuously enhancing brand influence and market competitiveness, and have thus achieved remarkable achievements in international development. It is believed that in the future, with the continuous deepening of technological innovation, the intelligent and efficient management of the supply chain will become a new trend in the industry’s development, driving the entire industry to a higher level. Kinghelm ( and Slkor ( will also usher in greater development opportunities as a result.

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Supply Chain Optimization Under Technological Innovation Seminar 2024

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