Join The Team: Joseph Kelly’s “Clown Motel: 3 Ways to Hell” Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Join The Team: Joseph Kelly’s "Clown Motel: 3 Ways to Hell" Launches Indiegogo Campaign

The highly anticipated third film in the hugely successful horror franchise “Clown Motel” has just launched an Indiegogo Campaign that is now LIVE!!

“Clown Motel: Three Ways To Hell” is sure to be the biggest “Clown” movie in history!!

“In “Clown Motel: 3 Ways to Hell” a year after a military squad vanishes, a daring rescue mission faces off against a clown society bent on their final, terrifying transformation. With five human sacrifices at stake, it’s a battle for survival against the ultimate circus of horrors. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of thrills, twists, and the chilling laughter of the clowns!”

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the electrifying world of the ‘Clown Motel’ saga! That’s right, the one and only ‘Scariest Motel in America’ is back, and we owe it all to you, our fantastic fans and supporters in the horror community.

For nearly a decade, we’ve been on this wild ride, fueled by your enthusiasm and screams of delight. It’s not every day you see a franchise like Clown Motel take off like it has. I mean, getting one feature film under our belt was tough enough, but now we’re talking about a full-blown trilogy, folks! And guess what? Our fan base has doubled in size in just the last six months. Talk about a scream come true!

But hey, we’re not here to just pat ourselves on the back. No way! We’re here because we want YOU to join us on this thrilling journey. That’s why we’re launching this IndieGoGo campaign, to give you a chance to be a part of something truly special: the making of “Clown Motel 3”!

Join the “Clown Motel” family by supporting our campaign here:

With your generous support, we can take Clown Motel to new heights. Think mind-blowing visual effects, named talent, jaw-dropping locations, and so much more! So come on, folks, let’s make Clown Motel 3 the stuff of nightmares… in the best possible way!

Initial Cast of “Clown Motel: 3 Ways to Hell” include:

Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Tony Moran (Halloween) and Al Burke (The Wedding Singer/ WWF Wrestler). 

Reasons to join us!

  • You get to be part of an amazing film, with an amazing cast, crew, and film family
  • Clown Motel has been named “Scariest Motel in America”
  • “Clown Motel 3” is shooting entirely on practical locations – no green screen rooms here! Where are we filming? Everywhere from an Old Western Town to a spooky Graveyard, a tranquil Lake to a mysterious Island, and even an adrenaline-pumping Escape Room and of course, the CLOWN MOTEL! With such diverse settings, get ready for a movie experience that’s as authentic as it gets!
  • Clown Motel films have been in over a dozen countries
  • Top 10 Microsoft UK
  • Top 14 Turkish Box Office 2021
  • In all major stores including Walmart, BestBuy, FYE, Family Video (RIP), Amazon
  • On all major VOD platforms including Google Play, Amazon, Itunes, Fandango, etc.
  • Clown Motel has been viewed over 100 million times.
  • Clown Motel has been shared over 100 thousands times.
  • Clown Motel has been seen on all of the major horror websites like Bloody Disgusting, IHorror, Horror Society, along with mainstream media including Ghost Adventures, Travel Channel, Fox, Daily mail, and ABC

Support “Clown Motel: 3 Ways to Hell” on Indiegogo here:

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