Tismo Geneve with another premiere, this watch is not only a timepiece but a real gem among collectors

In an unparalleled blend of sophistication and craftsmanship, Tismo Geneve has once again set a new standard in the luxury watch market with the introduction of its latest Gran Tismo Solidarity series. This collection epitomizes the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality and design, offering a unique narrative through each meticulously crafted timepiece.

Tismo Geneve limited collection watch – only 4 pieces – not available to wider public

A Pinnacle of Horological Artistry

The Gran Tismo Solidarity series is a limited edition marvel, with only four pieces available worldwide, making it a testament to the exclusivity and individuality that Tismo Geneve is renowned for. The series is characterized by its Swiss-Made Tourbillon Movement, ensuring precision timekeeping, and is complemented by a 110-hour power reserve, allowing for an uninterrupted experience of luxury. Each watch operates at a frequency of 3Hz, symbolizing the unwavering passage of time and the persistence of shared human values.

Tismo Geneve a swiss watchmaker with black onyx dial

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

Solidarity collection watch made by Tismo Geneve 

Tismo Geneve has spared no effort in the creation of each watch, integrating 19 jewels in the manual winding mechanism, which is as intricate as it is reliable. The Gran Tismo-shaped case is a masterpiece of innovation, made from silver and galvanized materials, and is protected by sapphire glass that is as durable as it is clear. The artistry extends to the watch’s face, which showcases hand-engraved images that narrate a story of tradition and craftsmanship.

Back of Solidarity watch by swiss watchmaker Tismo Geneve with 4 religions insignia

Exclusive Features of the Gran Tismo Solidarity Series

  • Swiss-Made Tourbillon Movement: A testament to the brand’s pursuit of precision.
  • 110-Hour Power Reserve: Symbolizing the reliability and endurance of the timepiece.
  • 3Hz Frequency: Reflecting the consistent and steadfast nature of the watch’s operation.
  • 19 Jewels: Showcasing the complexity and elegance of the manual winding mechanism.
  • Artistry and Innovation: A combination of traditional hand-engraving and modern materials.
  • Limited Edition Collectible: Ensuring uniqueness and value for each of the four pieces.

Tismo Geneve a swiss watchmaker of exclusive watches is unbelivable

Tismo Geneve’s Dedication to Excellence

Founded by Ralph Collins, Tismo Geneve has a rich history that extends from the automotive industry’s Prestige Wrap & Customs to the pinnacle of watchmaking. Since its establishment in 2015, the brand has been dedicated to personalization and service, including a lifetime warranty that signifies their confidence in the enduring quality of their watches. This watch stands out for its commitment to creating timepieces that are not just luxurious but are also heirlooms, intended to be cherished for generations.

Tismo Geneve swiss made custom watch 3d exploded view

4 religion watch by Tismo Geneve swiss watchmaking company 

Tismo Geneve watch with 4 religions insignia on the back and a black Onyx dial

Tismo Geneve and Solidarity watch tourbillon and black onyx dial made by swiss watchmaking newcomer

Ralph Collins founder of Tismo Geneve with a custom made watch 

A Timepiece Owned by a Prominent Figure

It is noteworthy that Pope Francis has been presented with one of the watches from the Gran Tismo Solidarity series. His ownership reflects the shared values of unity and humility that Tismo Geneve embodies. The connection to him is a significant affirmation of the series’ ethos, though it is but one aspect of the broader narrative of these extraordinary watches.

Tismo Geneve invites connoisseurs and collectors to experience the Gran Tismo Solidarity series – a collection that is not just a statement of luxury but a legacy of shared values and exquisite craftsmanship.

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