Peter Desberg’s New Novel “Let’s Send Him to America” Explores Chinese Immigrant Life in Late 19th-Century America

Renowned writer Peter Desberg is proud to announce his latest literary project, Let’s Send Him to America. This novel, his 24th published Dbook, joins a celebrated collection that includes notable titles like Pitch Like Hollywood, Now That’s Funny!, Speaking Scared, Sounding Good, and Own The Room.

Let’s Send Him to America is set in the tumultuous landscape of 1890 America. It unfolds the stirring tale of a young Chinese healer banished to America as an act of vengeance by an unscrupulous chancellor in China because he knows how terribly Chinese men are treated there. The gold rush and the railroad boom drew countless Chinese men to America, drawn by the allure of fortune. In 1980, California’s population was 500,000 people, of whom 150,000 were Chinese men. This situation was due to the end of the gold rush and the completion of the railroads. The scarcity of work caused hardship for them, compounded by language barriers, social isolation, and discriminatory laws.

The narrative starts in China with a 19-year-old healer who incurs severe retribution after failing to save a nobleman’s daughter. Through this story of endurance, resilience, and the fight against bigotry, Desberg offers an intimate look at the healer’s odyssey and the broader plight of Chinese immigrants in America navigating a hostile environment far from home.

Peter Desberg’s background as a professor, martial artist, and clinical psychologist, along with his abidinginterest in human behavior and storytelling, moved him to pen this novel, aiming to spotlight this suppressed, shameful segment of American history. “I intended to craft a narrative that not only captivates but also educates and encourages reflection on our collective past and the indomitable spirit of those who have faced so much adversity,” says Desberg.

Let’s Send Him to America transcends the genre of historical novels, inviting readers to ponder the intricacies of our shared history and the universal qualities of empathy and survival.

Available now at major bookstores and online, “Let’s Send Him to America” invites readers to journey through the rich, tumultuous history of Late 19th-century America, seen through the eyes of a young Chinese healer whose life story reflects the broader struggles and triumphs of an oppressed community seeking its rightful place in America.

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