This New Way Of Selling May Surprise Salesmen

Dealing with today’s consumers, it may come as a surprise to the most salesman that the old sales tactics used in the days before the internet, simply do not work anymore.  Furthermore, what salesman will find works best is when selling doesn’t come off as selling but instead serving.  As we enter into a day and age where consumers only have to pull out their smartphone which is a computer stronger than the first spaceship that took us to the moon and with it now has complete access to a plethora of options, competitors, price points, price matches and alternatives, it is the consumer who is in power now.  No longer is the aggressive, persuasive, slimy, slick talking salesman the threat.

I have been in sales for almost half of my life and over the last two decades, I’ve personally seen this shift happen before me which I was forced to study closely as I’ve relied on my salesmanship to feed my family, pay my bills and provide the lifestyle that I am fortunate to give my family.  In my years of being in sales, managing sales teams and mentoring thousands of salesman across the country, I teach today’s new age salesman the real art of selling, and it is to actually serve, not sell.  The pressure a salesman feels when they engage with a prospect is much like a first date, in a sense where both parties are somewhat nervous, both are on guard and typically both want to make a good first impression.  However, when broken down even further, what we find is that the old salesman tactics that are still being taught today [by ex-salesman turned manager or turned sales trainer] are no longer driving results because it is very much like the date with the guy who tries to go to 2nd base before you even go out to eat, watch a movie and have some ice cream.  The old sales technique that once worked for the salesman who came up in the pre-internet era were used on consumers before they understand the power of the internet and how fast information can be gained by just doing some research. 

Furthermore, consumers how to have a thing called ‘social proof’ that they rely on heavily and many salesmen today are simply not positioning themselves to build any equity in having solid social proof by way of great reviews and testimonials.

The odd thing is that most salesman relies on their commissions and are often paid minimum wage or very low salaries so this means the longer the salesman goes on without earning a commission check the longer that salesman continues earning very little income for a tremendous amount of work and action.

I understand what this is like as I see it everyday in my environment.  Still selling to this day, I practice the newly remastered way of selling that I teach on social media to any salesman that is interested in learning this new way of selling.  You can find over 400 videos of me sharing this new art with you on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the profile name @SalesRemastered, along with plenty of mindset development techniques and sales scripts with powerful wordplay techniques that actually work today.

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