New Comedic Film Dr. Phlill Is Ordered For A Series

The entertainment industry is thriving right now on turning films into series, with so many streaming services available like Netflix, Hulu and now Youtube TV it’s difficult to keep content high and in demand.  That’s why films that have been popular on the film festival circuit are being picked up and turned into series for these services.  Well that is exactly what’s happening to this latest comedic film, Dr. Phlill.   Dr. Phlill is simply hysterical, the quick and intelligent humor reminds you of hit series’ like Parks and Rec or The Office

The film is shot mockumentary style, following a millennial Odd Couple – that is driven by one woman and her desire to be a couple’s therapist on reality TV, hence – Dr. Phlill.  Lillian Halbert, AKA, Dr. Phlill, is played by the talented rising star Lilly Dennis.  Lillian is on a quest to get her reality TV show on the air and she needs dramatic material for this to happen.  Lillian decides the way to do this is to take the somewhat perfect relationship of her roommate, Adie, played by South African sensation Amy Letcher, and Adie’s naïve boyfriend and give the happy couple issues that only Lillian herself can solve.  The script is very cleverly constructed, and this comedic pair brings the story to life brilliantly.

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Dennis and Letcher come together to produce this wildly entertaining mockumentary seamlessly and it was no surprise when the announcement came earlier this month that Dr. Phlill has been ordered for a three-season series.  Nick Conroy, who directed the film, cleverly left the films ending open to a sequel or in this case – a series.  We left off with Adie, played by Letcher, proposing to her lovable boyfriend; only after a lot of drama surrounding some serious issues that Adie is keeping secret. 

We are very eager to know if this is where the series starts off or if there will even be the same story line.  However, it has been confirmed by the stars themselves that they will be reprising their roles as Lillian and Adie.  At an event in LA this past week the comedic duo stated, “Yes, we are thrilled to be able to dive back into these characters, and we are very grateful to Bravemaker (productions) for giving us the opportunity to do so.” Dennis revealed, “I think we were all shocked at the news as it was completely unexpected, but now we all can’t wait to get stated on the first episode.”  Added Letcher.   

Dr. Phlill is being brought to a three-season run by Bravemaker Productions who picked up the film even before it had been seen in the festival circuit.  It’s very obvious to anyone who sees the film the incredible potential this hilarious story has for a series run. 

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