This indiegogo project will support Nomadic families live a normal life after severe winters

A community based in Mongolia has started an Indiegogo project to support the several Nomadic families in sustaining their normal life when their source of living-the livestock is destroyed after severe winters. Every year, the Nomadic families move two to three times to find a shelter in the severe winters and raise the livestock in open area during summers.

But unfortunately, these animals which provide a source of living to these families die due to extremely cold conditions leaving thousands of families without a source of bread. To look for a source of survival, these families move to an urban area and start living in small colonies called the ‘Ger area’ yet they face difficulty in sustaining their life and remain unemployed, get indulged in crimes or hard labor and other face difficult situations.

More than seventy per cent of the population lives in the outside city area where there is no central heating, sewage or water systems available which also leads to increased air and ground pollution. These families use open pit toilets and burn coal for their energy needs which leads to contamination of air and soil. Moreover, migrating to the urban area also affects their deep rooted Nomadic culture and traditions.

The crowd funding campaign will support these families to re start and recover their life after extreme winters and also help in preventing the centuries old Nomadic culture. The initial goal is to re start the life of 10 nomadic families by providing them with livestock i.e. 100 sheep for each nomadic family so that they can continue with livestock farming and earn a living.

The project is self financing as each family will fund back 10 sheep every year which means 10 families will fund back 100 sheep every year that can be given to a another Nomadic family to recover their normal life.

The goal of the Indiegogo campaign is to raise $115,000 USD and the backers have a chance to earn many unique rewards such as   a painting of the Nomad kids, photo album of Mongolia, handmade kid’s boots, local handicrafts among others.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sustainable Nomads Organization
Contact Person: Jagaa
Phone: +97688687468
Country: Mongolia