This Digital Marketing Expert Is helping Businesses To Grow And Earn More

Mr. Olugbenga S. Akinwumi, a Canadian national, MBA in Digital Marketing, owner of Akinwumi Digital Marketing, is helping businesses to earn more along with his outstanding mentors like Vincent Ortega Jr., Dan Lock, Roland Frasier, Jeremy Haynes, and Fred Lam.

The multi-talented Mr. Akinwumi has a background in web development and graphic design. The digital marketing expert has 20 years of experience in consulting including production plan, digital product, business start-up, and growth. He also has 10 years of experience in media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google.

In his LinkedIn account, he posted a video talking about considering a drop-shipping business. For him, drop-shipping is a good one because basically, it consumes less hassle for you. Starting the business does not require you to have a spacious warehouse and pay huge monthly rent. He said that this type of business can be a good venture. He mentioned products such as cleaning materials that are suitable for the current health crisis that the whole world is facing right now and sports clothing which never goes out of style for the youth.

In his salutation in the video, Mr. Akinwumi said that businesses naturally fail, and failures must leave a lesson for you to be successful. While giving advice on how to grow a business, and he also keeps on motivating people mentally and emotionally.

In the inspiring content that he posted on an important lesson about money, there are a cat and a person. In the first part, the person is restlessly chasing the cat while on the second, the person learns that he does not need to chase after it but to attract it.

He then said, “When you want something, you normally chase it, right? All the people assume it’s a natural way. Maybe from childhood, that’s what we do, right? But, what if there is a better way? What if, instead of chasing something you allow whatever you want to come to you by attracting it, by creating the conditions. Let’s just say for that particular object or person to feel attracted to you, to come to you.”

Mr. Akinwumi is also providing help for those individuals who want to effectively work from their homes by clicking the link:

He understands the struggles of everyone living in these times of uncertainty. In his shared post about staying optimistic, he said, “It is so true that negativity wants to take over our minds, but let’s stay positive as we look for ideas and solutions.” He added, “We go to the gym for our fitness. Our mind is equally important.”

Indeed, whatever circumstances, people must keep going and never stop reaching what they truly desire. The life lessons he is sharing are exceptional and inspiring. It can be a benefit both in life and in business.

If you are interested to learn more about growing your business and earning more revenue, you can connect with him through his social media platforms like Instagram ( and LinkedIn (

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