Thick Ass Glass Online Headshop\’s Holiday Season Sale Continues

Thick Ass Glass continues to lead the way in providing smokers and dabbers that demand thick, high quality glass pipes a wide range of water pipes, dab rigs and smoking accessories at amazing prices. These amazing prices continue until December 19, 2017, with every dab pipe, bong and smoking accessory available at 30% off regular prices.

The annual Black Friday sale at Thick Ass Glass was one of the biggest sales events of the year for smokers. But the difference between this sale and that of other online headshops is that it continues throughout the holiday season. Sales were brisk throughout the final week of November, but smokers should know that TAG still has a very large stock of quartz bangers, dab rigs, dabbers, slides, water pipes and concentrate accessories all at 30% off regular prices.

The smoking market continues to become more educated, which means the higher quality, thicker glass water pipes that TAG offers continue to gain more notoriety throughout the community. The surprise to many about Thick Ass Glass is that it offers not only thick glass and amazing quality, but often far better prices than many of its competitors.

TAG’s spokesperson noted: “While many online headshops stop their customer-friendly deals as soon as Thanksgiving ends, TAG feels discounts should not end until the holidays do. If you are new to smoking, our Enlightenment (blog) section features a wide variety of information on products and offers tips to inexperienced buyers.”

Education is an increasingly important factor for new smokers, mainly to ensure that they are buying the water pipes and dab rigs they need, and not over-buying for their situation. TAG’s thick, high quality water pipes and glass rigs also ensure that these buyers don’t suffer the breakage issues that turn many inexperienced smokers away from the online headshop market.

The truly massive range of products that will be on offer during Thick Ass Glass Holiday Sale will suit the different needs of pretty much every discriminating smoker.

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Thick Ass Glass online headshop is the premier online store that offers a great selection of thick glass water pipes, dab rigs and smoking accessories to smokers that demand strong and thick glass pipes. From quartz and titanium nails to recyclers and incyclers, TAG has it all.  

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