DEEPSTEP Is The Newest EDM Artist to Cause a Massive Buzz Among The Fans of the Genre

EDM music has been on the rise for a couple of years now, and with time it seems more and more artists are attempting to add their own flair and charm to the genre. A recent artist who will be delving into EDM music while also dabbling in pop music here and there is DEEPSTEP.

DEEPSTEP is a name that has recently appeared into the limelight but has still managed to charm the audience nonetheless. The artist’s first ever track “Hit Me Up” was aired on 103.9 FM in August 2017. The song is set to have a digital release to all providers on December 5th.

After the success and popularity of the first track, it seemed only logical for DEEPSTEP to traverse further into his musical career.

Currently, DEEPSTEP is working on multiple tracks, which will be produced and released within the next few months. Anyone who is a fan of EDM or just music in general should definitely look into DEEPSTEP’s tracks as they might find someone that fits perfectly within their playlist – and who knows, perhaps they might even become long-time fans.

DEEPSTEP also acts as an EDM DJ, alongside his primary occupation of an EDM artist. With the rise of EDM it was inevitable to see young new talent emerge and try to create something interesting and fresh. DEEPSTEP’s new take on the genre mixed with the tried and tested methodologies of pop are definitely something to look forward to.

Despite only coming into the eyes of the audience quite recently, DEEPSTEP has already managed to attain a fan following who eagerly await the digital release of his first track, “Hit Me Up”, as well as further releases in the coming months. The artist’s website acts as the perfect hub to get the latest information, details and releases about the artist. Anyone that wishes to find out more about DEEPSTEP should check it out.


DEEPSTEP is an up-and-coming artist who primarily specializes in the genre of pop and EDM. So far he has released 3 tracks. The track, called “Annoying” is set to have a digital release on December 5th.

The artist plans on releasing more tracks in the coming months – and is amassing a relatively high fan following despite having arrived in the limelight only recently.

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