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Casey Neistat’s lifestyle vlogs are extremely entertaining, causing people to go on a YouTube spree every single day. He is a great YouTuber and he is extremely entertaining and relatable. Casey uses his cameras to turn a simple story to a beautiful short film. Recently, he has launched a photography blog where he talks about different cameras as well as other equipment that he himself uses to film his videos. After going through his blog, people will get a better idea of which vlog camera to buy and what complementary tools are going to be productive for them, he claims.

He also claims that even though there are a number of great point and shoot action cams to high-end full frame DSLR’s for vlogging but he has only put together his top list of camera recommendations. One of his absolute favorites is Canon EOS 70D which comes with a plentitude of convenient features that make vlogging much easier for him. This DSLR offers the best flexibility when it comes to taking both pictures and videos. If people use a lot of multimedia or want to blend photography and vlogging, they for sure can choose this cam that can do both well. Also, it is fully-articulated so people can flip it out to make it simple to monitor the shooting while they are facing the camera, he claims.

Casey offers a look at what using each camera is like out in the real world. He talks about a number of cams which provide the cleanest, clearest pictures he has ever seen. He claims that these cams are the best fit for him to do vlogging on the move whether it’s capturing his adventures or putting his viewers in a first person point of view. Moreover, he teaches everyone that if in case they are a beginner; they need to stick to something simple and inexpensive before investing in pricey equipment that they might not use.

In addition to that, if people are looking for videos to watch to quench their thirst for photography and videography, Casey’s videography blog and photography blog has a great selection. He regularly uploads new videos and photos with inspiration for beginning and intermediate photographers. Casey’s videos are often tips and ideas which most people can use to enjoy photography or videography.


It has a great selection of tips and tricks dealing with photography and videography. New posts are regularly published covering latest camera trends and gear reviews and guides helpful for beginning and intermediate photographers.

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