offers best in class medicines online, ships worldwide (RX USA) is a leading online Pharmacy that offers all kinds of generic drugs and ships worldwide. The website provides best in quality medicines from top manufacturers and provides an easy platform for the customers to order medicine from anywhere and anytime. The website delivers most of its medicines worldwide and is currently offering a 10% discount on all the medicines.

Basically work as an affiliate to ‘Generic Doctor’, an online store that offers generic medication to the people at a lesser cost than their local pharmacy. ‘Generic doctor’ has partnered with RX USA to list all their products on their website and work on a commission basis. A number of orders for the generic doctor are received from RX USA. Generic Doctor is in medicine industry for past 4 years and enjoying its increasing user base ever since. The website was established with an aim to provide an easy solution to the users for getting generic medicines online at an affordable cost.

RX USA provides generic medicines for a number of health ailments such as weight loss, fungal infection, hair loss, hypertension, thyroid, allergy, heart disease, nausea, skin disease, allergy, herpes and more. There are a number of medicines listed in each category from trusted manufacturers and the customer can choose as per their prescription.  It is a global platform to provide people an easy access to health solutions. The website provides seamless customer service and the professionals are always available to answer any queries or questions. “RX USA is a great service. It is relatively fast and the products are from internationally recognized pharmaceutical firms that produce excellent generics. I have been using their service for several years now”, says one of the customers in their review.

RX USA is dedicated to providing generic medicines to customers all over the world. Considering the fact that generic medicines are priced up to 80 % less than the equivalent brand-name versions, the online store presents an easily accessible platform to order these medicines for saving both time and money of the customer. Unlike the brand name drugs that invest a lot of money on advertisement which often leads to the increased price of the drug, the generic medicines are not sold through expensive ads making the final price comparatively less. These medicines are promised to be equally effective as any other medicine in its class.

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