There Are Some Misunderstandings About Laser Hair Removal

Myth 1: A laser or strong light can achieve permanent hair removal

At present, laser or strong light therapeutic apparatus has the function of permanent hair removal, so many people will misunderstand it as life-long hair loss after treatment, in fact, this permanent is not the permanent in the real sense. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s understanding of permanent hair removal is that hair stops growing during a hair growth cycle after laser or bright light treatment. In general, the hair removal rate can be up to 90% after multiple laser or high-light treatments, of course, its effect is affected by many factors.

Myth 2: Laser or high-light depilation only takes one time

Many treatments are needed to achieve a lasting depilation effect. There are cycles of hair growth, including growth, regression and repose. Laser or strong light is effective to the hair follicle that is in growth period only, and do not have apparent effect to the hair of regressive stage, quiescent stage, wait only after these hair turn into growth period to be able to have effect only, need treatment for many times so, scare even sentence can be apparent.

Myth 3: Laser hair removal works the same for everyone

The effect is different for individuals, regions. Individual factors include: endocrine disorders, different anatomical sites, skin chroma, hair color, hair density, hair growth cycle and hair follicle depth, etc. Generally speaking, the effect of white skin, black hair is good.

Myth 4: After laser hair removal, the remaining hair will become darker, thicker

No, the hair that’s left behind becomes thinner and lighter when treated with a laser or bright light.

Laser or strong light depilation is a good choice,but it is still necessary to have a correct understanding of it before treatment.

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