There are 3 Lessons To Be Learnt As An Entrepreneur In 2022

There are 3 Lessons To Be Learnt As An Entrepreneur In 2022

Daniel Mangena is a successful entrepreneur impacting lives globally and is a man on a mission. Reflecting on another amazingly abundant year he has reflected on some of the most valuable lessons learnt and shares below. This is gold!

“2022 is drawing to a close (mercifully, no doubt for some of you) and I thought it prudent to reflect on what has been, for me at least, another incredible year. Here are some lessons that I’ve learned (or “continued to learn”) as an entrepreneur in 2022.

First off, please don’t think me tone deaf. I am well aware of all of the turmoil and hardship amongst which we find ourselves currently. War in Europe for the first time in almost three decades, the ongoing pandemic and economic shock that continues to reverberate for so many.

I get it.

The thing is though, it is still possible to build a positive reality for ourselves even in the apparent maelstrom of the world.

I’m living proof!

In my coaching I teach a lot about mindset and setting your vibration to match a desired outcome. That has been put to the test this year, but it still holds true!

It’s very tempting to follow every update on the news, indulge in our worst fears and preoccupy ourselves with what can go wrong. I’m not saying that these things are not possible, but in giving them precious emotional real estate, we’re building a day-to-day reality for ourselves around them.

And that doesn’t reflect reality.

So, with that said, I wanted to share these 3 lessons that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur in 2022. Full disclosure though: that’s a bit of a semantic copout. I kind of already knew these things, I just had them confirmed to me throughout the course of this year.

Anyway, on with the list…

  1. 1.     Don’t let people talk down to your dreams

You’re going to struggle with feelings of unworthiness enough as it is, during all phases of your journey. It is very easy to let the doubters and naysayers convince you that your dreams are stupid.

Unfortunately, though, it is just an inevitability that others will seek to diminish your efforts. A product of the envy that those who want to believe that they don’t have any choice in their lives, feel.

The way to avoid this is to build up your own sense of worthiness. Start finding ways to identify all the aspects of your dream that are available to you now and get into a profound sense of gratitude for them.

I know that sounds weird, but it will cut out all that background chatter that tells you to give up. By focusing on what you must be grateful for now, you’ll essentially be drawing in your dreams to your reality.

If your cup is full, there’s no room left for anyone to fill it with anything negative. In fact: you’ll be overflowing and filling up other peoples’ cups with positivity.

I promise you when you’re in that state; it will change the game for you.

I had certain monthly goals for my business this year and was told that a bunch of them were unrealistic. Rather than let that deter me, I worked on surrounding myself with the resources to support those goals, and we got there.

2. The limiting belief of “It’s ok for them”

We all do this. I do it too, it’s ok.

Sometimes it’s for good reason: I’ll never be a professional basketball player, for example. But we must be careful in understanding that it’s about why we believe these things.

I’m not particularly short (6ft) but I’m nowhere near baller height. The reason I say that I’ll never be a ball player though, is not because I’ve given credence to my height disadvantage, but because the work and will that it would take to overcome that disadvantage isn’t worth the outcome for me.

You need to really examine why you’re saying, “it’s ok for them”.

If you’re using it as an excuse for not getting anything off the ground, then you need to have a word with yourself because you probably don’t actually want it enough.

If you truly desire the outcome that you claim to, then you will have the requisite leverage over yourself in order to overcome whatever limiting factors you may or may not have.

3. Life is hard enough

OK so… I don’t want to jinx it… but of all post-war years, 2022 could be the worst in terms of societal turmoil and unforeseeable hardship across the world.

Here’s hoping it’s all uphill from here anyway.

Even so: it’s no excuse for not forging ahead with your dreams!

Life is always hard. I don’t care who you are, where you live, what color you are or any of it. Being a human and being alive will always come with problems.

This year has thrown markets, food supplies and international security into a storm of uncertainty. Yet I have been able to continue growing my business and serving my clients.

I’ve even produced two films and a documentary, having had no previous background in film at all!

And I’m NOT special.

I know others who have done the same (because I work with them). If the pull is strong enough for you, you will get it done. So don’t use “life is hard” as an excuse. Other people will see through that, and they’ll recognize you as someone who doesn’t really want to put the work in.

Not a good energy to be putting out there!

For 2023, my advice to you is to put the work into just being the best ‘you’ you can be. Be a great parent. Be a great son/daughter. Do your best at work (even if you hate working there). Try not to resent what you have and resist the urge to let other people dictate how you view your goals.”

Dan is an abundance and money mindset globally respected expert.

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