‘The YOU beyond you’. A book that is Fixing Lives in The Pandemic.

Author Ramzi Najjar, released a book that first began as daily notes to self and own realizations based on personal experiences and life observations. 

The book shortly became a Multi-Award-Winning manuscript. ‘The YOU beyond you has won the Literary Titan award for the ‘Best Book’ and the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for ‘Best Body/Mind/Spirit Book’. According to many reviews that were left in book-buying sites, Ramzi Najjar has been a ray of hope and a great help in this pandemic.  

‘The YOU beyond you’, is a book that unveils some major truths of life and its secrets by revealing the dynamics and the modes of operation on which it is based. A truly transforming book that revolves around the fact that the majority of our beliefs are a collection of misleading notions being grounded in general on what we have been taught or told by others and are rarely a result of self-reflection. The book offers ways to alter this reality by dismantling old beliefs and applying correct ways to uplift one’s existence. 

Ramzi Najjar is an Entrepreneur and an Author from Beirut, Lebanon. In 2020 during the lockdowns due to COVID, he decides to publish his first book “The YOU beyond you” to share his long-acquired knowledge and insights on life with the public.

Life hardship and tough experiences have always made him contemplate life and analyze all types of situations, to draw the proper conclusions that would help in overcoming adversities and succeed.

He affirms that “This book contains the most logical explanation of the nature of our reality and a detailed account of the dynamics that activate it. I strongly advise EVERYONE to read it. 

The life secrets that are revealed via the book are deep and offer valuable information about how a multitude of processes operate within us and what influences our lives and determines our reality. These in the majority go unseen as a result of the hustles and bustles of our lives which become “blockages” that limit all our attempts to reach a better understanding of ourselves and improved self-awareness. The book is termed as “A manuscript entailing every dimension of our reality”. It demonstrates what makes and breaks life with a narrative based on scientific and psychological theories to conclude what determines our “physical reality”.

If you are looking for some Concepts, notions and a different approach to life, on both the biological and psychological levels, then this book is for you. 

This work offers a lot of insights to the reader on a multitude of habits that pollute the body, and ways to overcome thoughts and ideas that frame the mind and eliminate factors that impair mental peace. It also shows the path to self-betterment while improving personal habits and the environment around. 

The book will help one to understand these notions in-depth and thus leading one to a clearer spiritual path.

The book has become a very sought-after piece of writing in this pandemic and has been acclaimed across the reading community through word of mouth. In an attempt to make the world a better place, a portion of the book’s success is donated to charity.

To know more about the book and to purchase it, check out the website: https://ramzinajjar.com

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