The XTAR Attractive Black Technologies ESS Liven Up the IECIE Show

On April 14, 2019, Shenzhen International E-Cigarette Expo kicked off in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. There are a lot of eye-catching new technologies and new products in this exhibition, which are favored by the audience with their innovative design and stable performance. What’s more, XTAR is one of the most popular brands on the scene.

Founded in 2006, XTAR is an electronic technology company integrating R&D, production, sales and service in Shenzhen. For 13 years, XTAR has been committed to the development and production of high-quality smart lithium battery chargers, LED flashlights and other equipment. With high standards of quality control, XTAR products have achieved worldwide CE, UL, FCC, RoHS and other major, qualification certifications. And in the field of lithium battery charging, XTAR has done a number of FIRST: the first company to add a protective board to the 18650 lithium battery, add the LCD screen is applied to the lithium battery charger, creating a lithium battery charger with multiple functions of the company, such as accurate measurement of internal resistance/capacity/current/voltage; the first company to create a three-stage charging of lithium battery charger, 0V activation technology, the first company to use high and low-pressure separation technology on lithium battery chargers.

Marketing manager mentioned that: “XTAR Electronic Cigarette Safety Shield (ESS) technology, the battery internal resistance detection module does not require an external power supply or an external load, and there is no need to set a power conversion circuit for converting external power supply. It has high precision, small module size, high safety, high cost performance, and many other advantages.”

“At present, ESS technology is mainly used to detect the working environment of the electronic cigarette battery, to ensure the safety of the use of the electronic cigarette battery, and to prevent the user from mistakenly using the capacity type (or the severely damaged power type) battery as a normal power type when using the electronic cigarette. That may cause safety problems such as overheat, short circuit, liquid leakage, fire, and even explosion, so will ensure user’s safety and prolongs battery’s life. In the future, ESS technology will be built into most electronic products. Quickly and efficiently detect the internal resistance of the battery to ensure the safe operation of electronic products and extend the service life of electronic products.”

In addition to launching the ESS technology conference, XTAR has implemented the signing of the in-depth strategic cooperation with NPE / Molicel, which was previously reported by the media. The two parties also displayed the cooperation products in their booths, attracting the attention of a large audience.

XTAR is one of the leaders in the field of lithium battery chargers. It always adheres to the one-stop charging solution. It focuses on the safe charging of users and provides continuous improvement of technology and hardware for its partners. It also helps cooperative enterprises better meet the individual needs of users.

For the safety of e-cigarettes, XTAR ESS technology gives an effective solution. In the future, with the innovation of e-cigarette products, it is necessary for upstream and downstream enterprises such as XTAR to continuously update their technology, improve their service, and protect the development of e-cigarette industry and consumers.

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