New Startup’s Mission Helps Consumers Save Money on Insurance Premium Costs

“We Got You uses a monthly flat-fee model to help consumers cover their deductible amount, which can help users raise their deductible to save money on their Insurance Premium.”

MIAMI, Florida – A new startup company is looking to help consumers with home, auto and health insurance save money on their premiums. We Got You is a Miami-based company that will be launching in June 2019, offering a service that will help consumers get peace of mind by covering their insurance deductibles. The company will launch first by offering coverage for home and health insurance deductibles and plans to expand later to offer additional services to cover auto insurance deductibles.

The revolutionary new concept pioneered by We Got You offers to cover consumers’ insurance deductibles by offering them a monthly flat-fee rate. If the need arises to use home or health insurance, We Got You will cover your deductible.

“With the skyrocketing costs of insurance premiums, We Got You is pleased to offer an option that will help consumers save money and stabilize their premium costs,” said Alvaro Lopez and Abraham Vidal, founders of We Got You. “By paying a monthly flat-rate fee to cover their home or health deductibles, policy holders don’t have to worry about putting aside their hard-earned money for unexpected deductible costs since We Got You takes care of them. If you have a current deductible of $2,000 in your Health insurance plan, you can raise that amount to $10,000 and automatically save money on your insurance premium. And the best part is that We Got You will cover for that $10,000 by just paying as little as $80 per month.”

We Got You will offer a range of packages based on policy holders’ deductible amount. For instance, if you have a Home deductible of $2,000 you will pay as little as $19 monthly. Those looking for a Health deductible can secure a $5,000 option for as little as $40 per month. We Got You policy holders will be able to utilize a simple online validation form to request payout on deductibles, saving valuable time and money.

We Got You will launch its House Deductible and Health Deductible options in June 2019, with plans to launch Auto Deductible plans in the near future. To learn more about We Got You, visit their website at

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