The World Beyond Human Eyes

Who doesn’t love to hear stories about the dark world and the world of fairies that normal humans are not familiar with? The fascinating stories of the dreamy world that always have a fantasizing existence in our thoughts. Dark magic, fairies, and Irish folklore have always thrilled the world with their never-ending magical stories.

The author of the magic book, The Guardians of the Athame, Claire Hastie, was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. She has the skill for writing with creativity and incredible imagination. Her love for writing fantasy is what makes her different and unique. The stories of devils, witchcraft, fairy tales, and multiple dark creatures are what she pens down in her fantasy fiction book.

In the book of magic, she talks about the fairy kingdom, which protects the dark forests and their occupants. Claire writes about her character Edward, who begins his adventurous journey to find the new guardians of the Athame. Her passion for writing and belief in the magical world made her write this fantastic book series with magic. Claire has materialized her Celtic roots through her excellent magic book series. She created her fantasy character from British folklore.

She wrote about fairies in Irish folklore, Pendle Hill witches in Lancashire, Salem’s witchcraft narrative, and many more topics. The Guardians of the Athame will sate your appetite for mythological creatures, sinister whispers, magical portals, and tongue-twisting spells that transfer you to a world of magical creatures to watch the conflict between good and evil. This supernatural book series continues Claire’s compelling story, which she will share in the sequels. Soothe your craving for some fantastic fantasy adventures by ordering this book from one of the top magic fantasy series here and join the fearless eleven on an extraordinary magical voyage!

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