The Transparency Company Launches to Identify and Curb Fake Reviews on Google Maps

This September, The Transparency Company will be opened to the public as the company has announced it is ready to launch and committed to providing affordable and quality software that can analyze the legitimacy of online reviews

Consumers are savvier than ever. They want to read genuine reviews from real people. As online reviews and ratings continue to influence the decisions of millions online, it is increasingly difficult to tell between what is real and what is fake. There is no gainsaying that the systems used by businesses to acquire customers have become vulnerable to exaggeration and manipulation.

The Transparency Company was founded to solve a serious problem affecting consumers and businesses alike. Businesses need positive reviews to drive sales. Consumers have a right to accurate information to make informed choices. Fake reviews are doing nobody any good; hence The Transparency Company is offering access to its A.I. and Machine Learning platform, which allows consumers to identify fake reviews on Google Maps and other reviews website.

“This is game-changing as it heralds the end of fake reviews online for local businesses and professionals,” affirms Curtis Boyd, Founder of The Transparency Company. “Consumers can now be informed if a business earned its reputation or paid for it by hiring a freelancer overseas to inflate their ratings. In addition, consumers get a 15x better outcome by working with businesses who have earned their reputation.”

The Transparency Company will use Machine learning and A.I. to identify fake reviews and bring transparency to marketplaces that rely on them. It will help consumers make informed decisions about which company to support and patronize. It will also show help business owners to certify the reliability of their positive reputation with a clean Transparency Report while providing information on the dishonesty of their competitors.

Users can now download the “Transparency for Chrome” chrome extension which can be used to identify fake reviews on Google Maps. The chrome extension can be installed on both desktops and laptop computers via

The Transparency Company will be debuting its technology at Fighting Back ahead of the official launch, which is slated for September 28. In this event, Curtis Boyd will be delivering a talk on “How to Identify Fake Reviews and Take Down Your Spamming Competitors.” Tickets for the event are on sale at

Interestingly, consumers can get free reports about the authenticity of a business and whether the business’ reviews and ratings are fake or real. To learn more about The Transparency Company, please visit or send an email to

About The Transparency Company

Curtis Boyd founded the Transparency Company to provide affordable and quality software that can analyze the legitimacy of online reviews. The company seeks to empower consumers to make better spending decisions to prevent them from hiring low-quality companies that might otherwise cause harm in their lives.

Aligning with businesses having real reviews in the U.S. Marketplace is at the core of The Transparency Company’s values. The A.I. and Machine learning platform provide these businesses with a beacon assuring online shoppers that they are high-quality businesses worthy of customers’ hard-earned money.

For further information about The Transparency Company and the FTC partnership, please visit

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