The ‘TrackerNow’ global tracking device will help track belongings Globally

Tracker Now is the newly launched global tracking device that allows the user to track their personal belongings such as phone, wallet, keys, suitcase or luggage. The device, embedded with GPS module helps the user keep a track of their things so that they never go missing again.

Apart from tracking objects, the small GPS device can .be used to know where the loved ones are and be ensured about their safety. Using technologies such as BLE, GSM, GPS and Wi-Fi for global worldwide tracking, Tracker now helps the user track almost everything. The device is smaller than a business card and as thin as a quarter which allows it to be carried anywhere and attached easily to any object.

Using the Trackernowsmartphone app, the user can set alerts to their phone any time the device it within greater than 15 ft or 50 ft from them. The phone will alert whenever the user will pass that distance so that they can know whatever thing they have left behind or lost somewhere. It can also be kept in the wallet to always keep it safe.

The device features a1year average battery life with only 1 8 hour charge for another year along with please charge notifications which can be sent over e-mail, SMS or through phone alerts when battery is low. The user will have two options to set the sound alert, one loud and the other distinctive alert in case the object is stolen. The product will be Made in the USA and also comes with a one-year warranty that covers parts and manufacturing defects.

Unlike most of the consumer tracking devices that use only BLE or Bluetooth low energy module that only are good for 150 feet plane site, Tracker Now uses an advanced GPS BLE Wi-Fi GSM modules which allows it to track objects around the globe, reducing the risk of loss or theft. It also allows the user to list over 1k items to be tracked on the app or web account.

Every TrackerNow device comes with free pings upon purchase that act as credits and also works across any device. Unlike the other devices that require a monthly fee, TrackerNow only requires a base fee for the device and small fee`s less than $1.00 USD per ping lifetime. In case the user’s phone gets lost, the user can also share their SMS, email or app alerts with someone they trust.

The revolutionary device has been made available for the masses through crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and the project is started with a goal of $100,000. All the funds raised will be used in upscaling the operation, buying components, assembling and getting the product into mass production. The amount raised will also be used for further research and development as well as delivering the product to the backers.

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