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The windows also play a big part in keeping the temperature of a building regulated.  You can have your windows caulked to keep out any outside air, which results in lowered energy bills because the air conditioner won’t have to work so hard.  Aurum Property Care does so much more than commercial window cleaning.  The professionals at Aurum Property Care can also do window caulking in Toronto.

The seal on your office or home’s windows may not seem very important, but when you think that you could be saving up to 20% paid towards the cost of energy, you will see how important a good caulking seal on the windows can be.  There are several other reasons to have your window caulking checked and replaced, such as:

  • Caulking can make the windows have a water tight seal. Not only keeping excess air out, but also any excess moisture from when it rains.  This moisture can result in wood rot, mildew, and leave behind an unpleasant, musty smell.
  • Having the windows in your home or office caulked will also reduce allergens such as dust. dirt and other airborne particles. 
  • It is also eco-friendly to have your windows caulked.  Because you are using less energy, by using the air conditioner less, you are also being kind to the environment.  When potential customers learn that you are doing your part to help the environment it will make them want to do more business with you.  So it is a “win-win” for everyone to have your window caulking in Toronto done by Aurum Property Care. 

Aurum Property Care began as a small business–a history that customers can appreciate.  When a company starts out small, such as Aurum Property Care, customer satisfaction becomes the number one priority in order to build up the business. That was Aurum’s approach when it was first founded and continues to be the highest priority. Despite Aurum’s humble beginnings, the company has managed to move forward and create a reliable brand.   This is due to a continued commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Aurum Property Care keeps customers coming back because of a continued emphasis on care. Besides offering high-quality customer service, Aurum Property Care provides eco-friendly products and customized solutions for both commercial and residential spaces.

Why is Aurum the top choice for window caulking in Toronto?

Aurum Property Care offers more than just commercial window cleaning and caulking services. It is a one-stop shop for property maintenance, offering carpet cleaning, chandelier cleaning, pressure washing, janitorial services, and more. Some of Aurum’s happiest and most loyal customers include Honeywell, Caesars Entertainment, PCL, and Westdale Properties. Just listen to what the satisfied customer will tell you about Aurum Property Care Services.

About Aurum Property Care

Aurum is a unique property maintenance company in the Toronto, Ontario area. Aurum was a business born to be a success. Aurum owner and CEO Michael Morozov launched the company while still in business school as a means to make extra summer cash. He maxed out his student credit card to buy ladders, an old minivan, and some cleaning supplies. Through hard work and entrepreneurial drive, Morozov brought Aurum into existence and made it into an industry leader.

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