Daniel G. Hofstein teaches Money, Laws, and more in new book – 13th Grade: Real World 101

Serial investor, educator, inventor, Daniel G. Hofstein, announces the launch of his book titled, 13th Grade: Real World 101, where with the help of 100’s of experts and researchers, he teaches money, sex, laws, and other miscellaneous subjects.

Daniel Hofstein is a multi-talented individual that has done practically everything from working at an accounting firm at the age of 14 to becoming a casino pit boss in Las Vegas to inventing a casino game and investing in small businesses. He is currently campaigning to represent District 35 in Nevada State’s Assembly with No Political Party, and if successful, would be the first independent elected to the state legislature in over 50 years.

Education is a very important aspect of life, and while most people see education as what is learned in the four walls of a school or college as the case may be, life has shown that the education system has somewhat failed in teaching students how to deal with the practicalities of the modern world.

Daniel Hofstein with the publishing of the book is, therefore, teaching students and other such readers what the four walls of any college do not offer. The book is particularly designed to educate young adults by providing them with ‘why’ investments, education, laws, taxes, etc. work – allowing a person to use that knowledge to make their own decisions.

The book covers a wide range of real-life subjects including wealth building, personal finance, understanding of taxation, sex, drugs, preparation for the realities of the working world, and more. The book is basically written to help improve the thinking capabilities of readers, providing them practical and proper knowledge, both addressing most of the ‘why’, and at times some of the ‘how’.

Containing what many believe every high school student should have been taught (not how to do laundry…), the package contains two additional short books – The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin and you, You, YOU are the Philosopher by Alvin Chester.

More information about the book and other works from Daniel G. Hofstein can be found on the website.

About Daniel G. Hofstein

Daniel G. Hofstein is a man of diverse sides. He got his first job at an accounting firm at the age of 14. He has done it all, with experiences as a game inventor (patent: US8651489B2, sold January 2015), casino dealer, pit boss, real estate agent, substitute teacher, rideshare driver and in-car convenience store inventor, fashion designer, paintball referee, axe-throwing range investor (sold December 2017), and most recently campaigning to represent District 35 in Nevada State’s Assembly (2018 election).

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