The Supreme PR Agency announced the launch of the project of the TV series “War and Peace”

The Supreme PR Agency invited johnny Depp to shoot in Moscow. According to the Agency’s website, filming of the series based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace”is planned in Russia. Johnny Depp is offered the role of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The series “War and peace” will feature representatives of the upper class of Moscow and St. Petersburg, key state and military figures, soldiers, people from the common people, and peasants. For images and outfits, real robes of the nobility of that time will be used, which will be provided by the national state Museum of Moscow.

The series is scheduled to be filmed from September 2021. The role of Andrei Bolkonsky will be played by Alexey Gavrilov from the TV series “Univer”. The role of Natasha Rostova will be played by singer Milena Deynega. The role of Pierre Bezukhov is planned to be played by TV presenter Roman Mirov. Nikolai Rostov will be played by Nikita Dzhigurda. The series will be directed by Ivan Makarov. The idea of the series belongs to the king of black PR Anton Vuima.

The series is designed for 4 seasons of 20 episodes. Filming will take place on the basis of the Mosfilm film Studio. The budget for the shooting of the TV series is planned at $ 250 million. The press conference of the series is scheduled for March 20, 2021 in Moscow on the basis of the press center of RIA Novosti. The press conference is organized by the Supreme PR Agency.

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