The Struggles Of Janet Roth, Hidden Behind the Comical Appearance – Ukrainian Standup Connects Her To The Global Conflict In Ukraine

People who try to keep others happy are themselves the saddest inside, quite philosophical? Why not? Because they know what it feels like to be sad and have no one to make you smile. Amongst such people is Janet Roth, the Jewish-Armenian Ukrainian girl, well now an American! On her Instagram @thejanetroth, Janet Roth hinted at the similar struggles she’s had when she shed light on the plight of Ukraine. 

The fight for independence is eternal; it absolutely never ends – Janet, the actor, turned standup comedian, highlights her struggles from bullying and abuse at her middle school but still believes that Ukraine is the place that urged her to become what she is now. And that’s what Ukraine itself has been dealing with since its independence. She further praises diversity and cross-cultural tolerance, terms them the root for “… the great county America was and still is”, Janet was quoted on her Instagram post. 

As a standup performer, Janet Roth has a sarcastic approach to everyday problems that leave her audience gasping for breath and laughing in their seats. But that’s not what she always did; her career in the performing arts began at the age of 8 when she was cast in Goethe’s Walpurgis Night. It was then that acting became her passion and her new profession. So Janet Roth swirled around through the years and landed as a standup artist spreading smiles through her unique take on everyday life and events. She believes her struggle for identity just added a pinch of sarcasm, and the added fun comes from humor that lightens up the air in such testing times globally. 

Janet also actively posts videos of her standup performances on her YouTube channel too; find more of her fun and sardonic performances at <Janet Roth – YouTube>

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