The Small Business Union Gives A Voice To Small Business Owners

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A Union that has started out from Philadelphia, PA, has now seen its membership grow to include over 7,500 members, with a significant number of new chapters being formed across state lines. The Small Business Union, which was established by 70 esteemed cornerstone owners and business professionals hailing from the Greater Philadelphia area, fights to increase its members’ buying power, and, consequently, improve the quality of life of their employees, family, and communities.

The Union has already achieved in securing significant benefits for its members, which include energy and gas savings; a Merchant Cash Advance program, which offers members credit to support their business; the ability to accept Visa and MasterCard transactions at a discounted rate; an affordable series of health insurance packages, and office supplies discounts.

“Small businesses have long made the backbone of America. They truly exemplify the American dream- if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and work hard, you are on track to improve the living standards of your family, your employees, and your community as a whole” said The Small Business Union’s media representative.

He continued, “The idea behind our Union sprang from the inequality our members face in terms of their bargaining and buying power. We are here to put a stop to that – and show that strength does, indeed, lie in numbers. The response to our plight has been overwhelming. We keep receiving requests from both small business owners and community leaders that want to start Union chapters in their areas. The future’s nothing but bright for our membership.”

Should a prospective Union member have no internet access, they can reach out by phone, via dialing the toll-free line 1.888.313.6888, or by texting “JOIN” at The Union guarantees that its representatives respond to all requests as soon as they come in.

Please join them on Saturday, June 24th at 5 pm Cardinal Bevilacqua Community Center Philadelphia, PA

Venue: Cardinal Bevilacqua Community Center Philadelphia, PA

2646 Kensington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125.

Those interested in becoming a member of The Small Business Union should fill in this form

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Media Contact
Company Name: The Small Business Union
Contact Person: Carlos Garcia
Address:Cardinal Bevilacqua Community Center Philadelphia, PA 2646 Kensington Ave
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