The role of an underwater hose in a single-point mooring system

Single point mooring system is a common structure of offshore platforms. Underwater oil hose plays a vital role in this system by providing a safe and reliable oil delivery channel for the single point.


1.High strength:

  Zebung’s submarine oil hoses are made of high strength materials, which can withstand underwater pressure and strong wind and waves, ensuring the safety and reliability of oil transfer. In addition, the material of the submarine hose has excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance, therefore it can be used for a long time in the ocean.


  Zebung’s underwater hoses have gone through a number of rigorous tests and certifications to ensure their reliability in the sea. When being used, the hoses are regularly inspected and maintained to keep them in the best condition and make sure that there won’t be any safety hazards on offshore platforms and danger in the marine environment.



  Zebung double carcass submarine hoses are equipped with safety valves and leak detection devices. The safety valve    can protect the hose from breaking due to excessive pulling force. The leak detection device can detect whether there is oil leakage inside the hose, guaranteeing the safety of oil transportation in the harsh marine environment.


  The submarine hose connects the buoy and the undersea pipeline in the single point mooring system in a flexible way. It is the link of marine oil and gas transportation, and contributes to the stable operation of the single point mooring system.In conclusion, submarine hose plays an important role in the single-point mooring system, and its performance and reliability determines the safety and operational efficiency of offshore platforms. In order to be perfect and foolproof, Zebung’s submarine oil transfer hose will be strictly inspected before leaving the factory. This is why we are capable of providing premium oil pipeline for offshore platforms through the ages.

About Zebung

  Hebei Zebung Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and located in the development zone of JingCounty, Hebei Province, China. In 2015, ZEBUNG imported 4 sets of ltalian VP industrial fuid hose production lineincreased the marine oil hose production line for large-diameter hose. After more than 20 years rapiddevelopment, ZEBUNG act as a technology leader enterprise. ZEBUNG’S registered capital rising to 59 milion, staff over 150 emplovees,10 scientific research personnel. 3 senior engineers, more than 120 sets of production equipment.

  ZEBUNG’s main producis are large-dia marine oil hose, large diameter dredging hose, industrial rubber Hose – FDA food hose / UHMPE chemical rubber hose / hydraulic oil hose / standblasting hose / concrete hose / steam hose, fuel oil hose and so on. All products have obtained BV lSO9001: 2015 international quality system certifcaion. curently ZEBUNG have Approved by BV- OCIMF standard GMPHOM 2009 certification for marine hose and FDA certification.

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